Monday 19 March 2018

Victim admits raping sisters as dad guilty on 47 counts

Boy's mother was a prostitute

Ciaran Byrne

A BOY whose father raped and sexually assaulted him over a three-year period admitted he in turn raped his young sisters on a regular basis.

His mother also admitted in court that she was a prostitute and it was alleged she even used her young son to organise meetings with her clients.

Members of the jury wept as the father was found guilty on 47 counts as one of the most harrowing ever sex abuse cases in recent years concluded yesterday.

With his 52-year-old father now facing the prospect of life in prison, the boy, now 20, last week described a childhood of horror inside the family home and years of sordid sexual abuse.

In shocking evidence he described how he was raped by his father on an almost weekly basis from 2001 when he was just 12 years old until 2004.

He also told how, when he was left alone at home, he watched pornographic films and that he raped his two sisters on a regular basis.

When he was asked what he did, he replied: "I raped them."

The nightmarish childhood was outlined in the trial which culminated yesterday.

The verdicts on 11 counts of anal rape were unanimous. The rest of the convictions were by majority verdict of 10-2.

The son broke down in tears outside court moments after his father was taken into custody. An investigating garda who first interviewed the father about the allegations, said: "I would pay tribute to this young man for the bravery and courage he showed in coming forward and sticking with it in pursuing justice."

Mr Justice Barry White told the Central Criminal Court jury they would never again have to face jury service and he acknowledged the case had been deeply disturbing and distasteful for each of them.

The judge added: "It seems there was a serious history of sexual abuse in this family. You can rest happy that the verdict you have returned is correct and appropriate."

The man will be sentenced in the coming weeks. He was found guilty of 11 charges of anal rape; 12 charges of oral rape; and 24 charges of sexual assault of the boy between April 11, 2001 and June 23, 2004.

A charge of the wilful neglect or ill-treatment of the child was earlier withdrawn by the judge.


The son said his father sexually abused him for the first time when he was 12 or 13. In evidence last week, he said: "It was wrong; he was my father."

He said he would be abused three or four times a week and often told his father to stop but would be hit by him.

He left home in 2004 but the following year asked his father to meet him. He said: "I was hoping he would apologise, I was hoping he was sorry."

The boy's mother was granted immunity from prosecution and admitted in court she had engaged in prostitution. "It only started when I got married and my husband put me out on the game," she said.

She also told the trial how she had seen her husband raping their son, who had cried "stop Daddy". The mother said: "I heard him on numerous occasions say it." When asked if she had heard the boy scream, she replied: "I heard him cry."

"I know it happened and he does too," insisted the son, again gesturing to his father.

During the trial, it emerged the boy had slept with a knife under his bed for many years. He was asked by defence counsel why he had not used the knife to confront his father "to stop him raping you". He replied: "I didn't want to end up in jail."

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