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Trial begins for three former Anglo officials accused of deceiving Revenue, destroying bank records


Anglo Irish Bank

Anglo Irish Bank

Anglo Irish Bank

The trial of three former Anglo Irish Bank officials accused of deceiving the Revenue and hiding or destroying bank records is due to begin this afternoon.

Aoife Maguire (60) of Rothe Abbey, South Circular Road, Kilmainham, Dublin, Bernard Daly (65) of Collins Avenue West, Whitehall, Dublin and Tiarnan O'Mahoney (54) of Glen Pines, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, are facing charges relating to offences allegedly committed in 2003 and 2004. They have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

All three are accused of conspiring to destroy, mutilate or falsify documents relatiing to accounts of John Peter O'Toole.

Mr Daly and Mr O'Mahoney are accused of furnishing a list of bank accounts which didn't include the account of Mr O'Toole.

All three are also accused of conspiring to defraud the Revenue by deleting or concealing accounts held by Anglo in the name of Mr O'Toole.

Ms Maguire and Mr O'Mahoney are accused of conspiring to destroy records of six accounts and of conspiring to defraud the Revenue by deleting or concealing some or all of the six accounts.

The names of the accounts are: Lock Ltd/Suzie Ltd, Carnahalla Ltd/Suzie Ltd, Lock Ltd, Carnahalla Ltd, Triumvirate Properties Ltd and Sean FitzPatrick Trust/Crohan O’Shea Trust.

The trial which is expected to run until the end of July, was due to begin last week at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court before Judge Patrick McCartan but the trial was adjourned on Wednesday after only seven jurors were sworn before the court ran out of potential jurors.

Today a female juror was discharged from that panel as a family member has a serious medical condition.

Another previously sworn female juror informed Judge Patricia Ryan that she worked for an auctioneering firm that has mutal clients with Anglo Irish Bank.

The name of that firm was written down and handed to all legal representatives. The judge said the woman had no concerns about serving as a juror but she wanted to bring that fact to the court's attention.

Barristers on behalf of all accused and Dominic McGinn SC, prosecuting, each told the court they had no application to make and the woman remained on the panel.

Before swearing in began, jurors were told they should not serve if they have “any strong feelings” about Anglo Irish Bank. They were also told they should not serve if they had any connection with or if they owned shares in the former bank.

Furthermore, the judge ordered that jurors should not serve if they had any connection to The Revenue, Ernst and Young or the auditing sector.

A list of potential witnesses was read out which included former Anglo employees, Bank of Ireland staff, revenue officers, tax consultants and gardaí.

Judge Ryan told the panel that Mr O’Mahoney is now a business consultant and was chief operations officer with Anglo until 2004.

Mr Daly is the former company secretary of Anglo and subsequently sat on the board of the Donnycarney and District Credit Union. He was also the chairman of the Irish Pensions Board and the president of The Irish Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Jurors were told that Ms Maguire is from Cappagh Road in Finglas but now lives in Kilmainham. She is involved in the running of The Good Council GAA Club in Driminagh.

Today a further 54 potential jurors were called before three women and three men were sworn in.

It took 40 minutes to swear in the additional members during which 30 men and 13 women approached Judge Ryan and excused themselves from serving on the panel.

The State objected “with cause” to one man serving as one of the investigating gardaí knew him, two men were objected to on behalf of Mr O'Mahoney, while solicitors acting on behalf of Ms Maguire objected to one man and one woman serving.

The trial is due to open this afternoon before Judge McCartan and a jury of six women and six men.

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