Sunday 18 March 2018

Today's sentencing will not bring our beautiful Karen back' - Buckley family react to decision

* 'We mourn for Karen every day' - family
* Pacteau sentenced to minimum of 23 years
* Court hears of 'tissue of lies'

Denise Calnan and Ralph Riegel

The sentencing of killer Alexander Pacteau to life with a minimum of 23 years behind bars 'will not bring our beautiful Karen back', her family said today.

Reacting to the court's decision, grieving father John Buckley said the family mourn for Karen everyday.

Evil killer Alexander Pacteau (21) admitted last month to the killing of Irish nurse Karen Buckley.

"Our little angel has been taken from us forever in the cruellest of ways. We mourn for her every day," Karen's father John Buckley said today.

"It will however ensure that women are safe from harm from the truly evil coward who took our beautiful Karen's precious life."

In a statement issued on behalf of the family of Karen Buckley as part of the COPFS Victim Information and Advice (VIA) support service, they said they hope Pacteau is never released.

"I hope that he is never released and spends every day in prison haunted by what he did," Mr Buckley continued.

"Marian and I would again like to thank the people of Scotland and Ireland, the Irish Garda and the Scottish Police and Prosecution service for all their help and support in bringing Karen's killer to justice. 

"We appreciate most especially those who keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

"We all want to move on and try to piece our lives back together. 

"We have three wonderful sons and we need to be there for each other as a family," he continued.

"We would be grateful if we can now be left alone to grieve and our family's privacy be respected.

"Karen is at peace now and we know that she is in heaven looking down on us and helping us." 

Having attacked and killed petite Irish student Karen just minutes after she left 'The Sanctuary' nightclub on Glasgow's Dumbarton Road at 1am on April 12 last, Pacteau attempted to dispose of her body using caustic soda.

He killed Karen in his Ford Focus car having offered her a lift home at 1am on April 12.

Pacteau struck the Irish nurse a total of 13 times in the head with a heavy 30cm spanner.

The blows were so violent the imprint of the spanner head was left in Karen's skull.

Pacteau then locked her body in a room at his flat and calmly went to sleep.

The first thing he did the following day was use Google on his mobile phone to check what chemicals could be used to dispose of a body.

Pacteau then stripped Karen and placed her in a bath filled with caustic soda and drain unblocking fluid at his flat.

When that didn't work, he placed her body in a large 220 litre plastic barrel, filled it with caustic soda and then hid it at an isolated Glasgow hill farm.

However, skilled detective work by Police Scotland resulted in two police officers calling to Pacteau's door within 36 hours of Karen going missing.

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