Sunday 19 November 2017

Ticketmaster must provide music promoter Reynolds with details on Electric Picnic volume discounts, court orders

John Reynolds who founded the POD nightclub.
John Reynolds who founded the POD nightclub.

TICKETMASTER must provide music promoter John Reynolds with information about volume discounts on the sale of tickets for five Electric Picnic festivals up to 2013, the Commercial Court has ordered.

Mr Reynolds wants the documents for the hearing of his dispute with companies operating the Electric Picnic concerning a series of issues relating to handling of the festival.

The full hearing of the case is not expected to happen before next year.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton yesterday ruled Mr Reynolds was entitled to discovery of volume discount information from Ticketmaster concerning ticket sales over the five years between 2009 and 2013.

Mr Reynolds claims he was kept out of the volume discounting and lost out as a result.

The judge heard his side estimated a sum of €450,000 was involved over the five Electric Picnics between 2009 and 2013 and Mr Reynolds claims the discount payments had a direct impact on the value of his shareholding.

His claims are denied and the discovery application was opposed by Rossa Fanning, for one of the operating companies, Festival Republic Dublin (FRD).

Mr Reynolds has brought his proceedings against FRD under the Companies Acts alleging the powers of the company directors were being exercised in a manner oppressive to him.

Earlier, Martin Hayden SC, for Mr Reynolds, said Ticketmaster had argued the material sought would impose a burden on it and its staff would have to go through "endless boxes".

Ticketmaster must have a computer with this data and it could not be seriously suggested it was not able to provide information on what was paid from Electric Picnic tickets sales for the years in question, counsel said.

In his action, Mr Reynolds has alleged a refusal to allow him operate the festival as envisaged and he claims that alleged refusal is causing considerable hardship and risk to POD Music Ltd.

FRD had in 2009 bought for €4.2m a 71 per cent stake in EP Festivals Ltd, a subsidiary of POD Music. 

Mr Reynolds alleges management decisions made by Melvin Benn of FRD relating to the 2012 and 2013 picnics were damaging to POD Music Ltd, the 100 per cent shareholder of EP Republic Ltd, but were to the benefit of the FRD Group.

In opposing the claims, FRD alleges Mr Reynolds had been engaging in a deliberately obstructive pattern of behaviour and was seeking to have his shares bought out at "grossly inflated prices".

It denies Mr Reynolds has been excluded from managing the Picnic or that the FRD Group's controlling companies, Live Nation and Gaiety Investments, merely want to make the Picnic part of their stable of festivals and outdoor events.

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