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The four ways "Sir" - which the prosecution claims is Graham Dwyer - says he could kill Elaine O'Hara


Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Sir's preference for killing Ms O'Hara as expressed through text messages between Ms O'Hara's iPhone and an 083 number - which the prosecution says was used by Mr Dwyer - is No. 2, the Central Criminal Court has heard. Ms O'Hara replied to the texts saying she wanted to die naturally and that it was important for her family to find a body:

1. Handcuffed, hanging in the bedroom. The cuffs would be removed to make it look like suicide. Elaine spots a "problem", pointing out that handcuff marks and bruises can be seen after death.

2. They would go into the woods, take off her clothes, stab her, bury her and leave her clothes in her car near the sea. This, said "Sir", would make it look like she had drowned. He tells Elaine she would write a suicide note and "I'll make sure you're unconscious".

3. Like number one (above) except he would slit her wrists in the bath beforehand

4. This method involved a stabbing and "fake robbery" in her work car park

PROSPECTIVE rape, stabbing and/or murder victims discussed by "Sir" and Elaine O'Hara in text message exchanges between Elaine O'Hara's iPhone and the 083 "Sir" number:

Elaine O'Hara; Ms O'Hara's sister (suggested by Elaine O'Hara who later says she is "only kidding"); an Asian girl and mother of two who lived at Ms O'Hara's Belarmine apartment complex; "any girls" Ms O'Hara would bring to her flat; a sleeping homeless woman; a prostitute; female estate agent(s) and/or auctioneer(s); women walking in the woods; wealthy women whom "Sir" would also rob.

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