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The father, son, their 'Bible' and unholy alliances

IT was known as 'The Bible': the brothel handbook issued to the women who worked for the multimillion euro vice ring operated by Mark McCormick, who was jailed on Friday. The two-page manual, retrieved from one of his brothels in a garda raid, instructed prostitutes on what to say and how to behave when in one of his pop-up sex dens.

House rules included "no drugs" and "no drinking". "Smoke only in the living room with the windows open", "don't slam doors" and "don't rush clients: if he pays for 30 minutes he gets 30 minutes". They were not allowed to leave the brothel without telephoning their bosses first. They had to change the sheets "as required" and make sure "everything is well-stocked, ie tissues, oil etc".

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