Friday 20 September 2019

Text exchanges were read out during the trial

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During Nevin's trial the jury heard details of the long text message exchanges between Nevin and the victim.

The woman told the trial that she repeatedly had to use Google Translate and often misunderstood the meaning of texts sent by Nevin, including references to sex.

She said she didn't understand when he wrote "are you a good kisser ha?". He later wrote: "I will teach you many things about what a man and woman can do together if you want to." She agreed that this suggested that "maybe he wanted sex".

Her reply to this text was "calm, I speak seriously". She told the court that she thought this would be enough to tell him "I don't want this, I want to learn".

Nevin then texted her "well I only want to f**k you" and she replied with a "sad face". In cross-examination counsel put it to the witness that it was very clear that "what this man wants is sex".

Asked why she didn't end the conversation then, the complainant said: "Because I'm stupid."

She replied to Nevin "that was rude, I'm a good person, not a whore" and he apologised.

Under cross examination from Nevin's lawyers, the woman said: "I never said to him I wanted to have sex with him. Not on Tinder. Not on WhatsApp.

"I was 32. If I wanted sex I wouldn't have said, go for a coffee. I would have said go to hotel or his room. At 32 you don't have sex in cars," she told the court.

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