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Teenager stopped with heroin and bullets in his underpants

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy found with heroin and bullets in his underpants has been given two 10-month suspended sentences.

The south Dublin boy, who has had to move out of his home, had admitted Public Order Act offences, possessing a knife, in the city's south-side and using a plastic rod as a weapon which he swung at members of the public on Thomas Street. All these offences took place in January.

The teenager, who has no prior criminal convictions, also entered guilty pleas at the Dublin Children's Court to drug dealing and firearms offences.

The total street value of drugs seized from him was €1,500.

Cannabis was found at his home in May and he was also found with cocaine and heroin at a location in Dublin 8 on the same date. The boy was brought to a south Dublin garda station where more heroin was recovered.

At the garda station where he was searched, three Remington make, 22-calibre Winchester Magnum bullets were also found on him.

The court heard that the teen kept the bullets and heroin hidden in his underwear.

Defence solicitor Gareth Noble said there has been intervention by social services but this was not based on child protection concerns in relation to his family.

As a result of this offence, the boy had to leave his home because his continued presence there became unsustainable and the teenager was “perceived to be at risk”.

Friends have taken the boy in at their home and social services are to continue to provide him with assistance, the court heard.

Judge Ann Ryan noted that these were his first offences to which he had pleaded guilty. He was given a 10-month suspended sentence over the stash of heroin found on him when he was searched in a garda station. She also imposed the same sentence for possessing the bullets and the remainder of the charges were taken into consideration.

The teenager, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, was warned that the sentences would be activated, and he would be detained, if he re-offended within the next 12 months.

The court had heard that the boy had to leave his home and is currently living with friends because “he has fallen foul of certain persons in his locality”.

“It was felt that his continued presence at his address would be to his detriment,” his lawyer had also explained.