Friday 24 November 2017

Teenager gets suspended sentence for random attack that left youth semi-conscious

Tom Tuite

A 17-year-boy was given a three-month suspended sentence today for repeatedly kicking a youth after he was already beaten semi-conscious in a random unprovoked attack in Dublin.

The teenage repeat offender had pleaded guilty earlier at the Children's Court to assault causing harm to the youth (aged 18) at James's Walk, in Rialto, Dublin 8 on June 5, 2010. He had also pleaded guilty to less serious assaults on two of the victim's friends, a teenage girl and boy.

His case, which involved 18 court appearances and offers of assistance from the Probation and Welfare Service, was finalised today. Judge Clare Leonard said she had given it her “best shot” but it was clear the boy as well as his mother had not accepted interventions or complied with court orders.

The teenager was awaiting sentence for the brutal attack when he committed a robbery and another assault last October, for which he has since been given a detention sentence by the Circuit Court in Dublin

Defence solicitor Adrian Lennon said yesterday that the teenager is to released from his existing sentence in December and will be on probation supervision after that.

Judge Leonard said the teen had to stop his cycle of offending and for the attacks she gave him a three-month term which she suspended on condition he does not re-offend for the next two years.

Another juvenile was detained last year for his role in the attacks.

The Children's Court had heard that the boy had anger-management problems and his behaviour was affected by alcohol and drug abuse. He had no memory of the attack, was shocked when he saw CCTV footage of it and is remorseful, the defence had told the court at a previous stage.

The teenager has convictions for robbery, motoring and public order offences.

The court had been told that 18-year-old victim incurred €1,700 worth of medical expenses after he was set upon in a “random unprovoked attack” by the boy and his accomplice, who had both been on a vodka and beer binge. Two of the victim's friends tried to protect him when he was knocked to the ground but they were also struck by the attackers.

Garda Gary Keelan had said the defendant “repeatedly kicked him on the ground when he was unable to defend himself.”

The victim “had been rendered semi-conscious from the beating” and had lost teeth as a result.

The teenager had consumed seven bottles of beer on the night of the attack and his “recollection of it is very poor”, the court has been told.

Earlier the defence said that a psychological report on the boy was prepared because it emerged that there were issues in his background that needed to be addressed.

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