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Teenager found guilty of beating man with metal bar in his own home

A YOUTH is to be sentenced in the New Year after he was found guilty of an aggravated burglary where a man was beaten with a metal bar in his own home.

The 17-year-old boy had pleaded not guilty at the Children's Court to burglary while armed with metal bar at a house in Inchicore, in Dublin, in April last year.

The man, who is in his twenties, told Judge Patrick Clyne that the break-in came after he was wrongly accused of running over a child's dog.

He said he had explained to local children that he did not have a car and had not been out of his house that day. A few hours later, he heard voices outside his home and a person was saying “I do not think anyone is in, someone said 'kick the door in'.”

Two youths broke in as the man fled into his living room. He said the intruders were “armed with metal bars” which they were swinging as he attempted to defend himself.

“I tried to protect my face, my body, there was multiple swing, six or seven, I was hit on the mouth, head, body,” the witness told the judge.

Eventually he managed to grab one of the bars at which the youths ran out of his home.

When gardaí arrived they that found the victim, who has since moved away from the area, was injured and parts of his face were swollen and blood-stained.

The court heard that the boy was later questioned by gardaí and had made admissions.

The teenager, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, was found guilty and remanded on bail pending his sentence hearing on January 16 next when a probation report on him is to be furnished to the court.

The judge heard that the youth had been placed on probation previously for other offences. Efforts are being made to send him to a residential treatment centre which helps to get troubled youths into education or training to divert them from crime.