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Teenage in stab case denies using syringe but admits he had screwdriver

A DUBLIN youth has strongly denied claims he stabbed a shop worker in the head with a syringe but admits he used a screwdriver instead, a court has heard.

The teenage father-of-one has been charged with assault causing harm to a shop worker who suffered a cut to his left temple, in Rialto, in Dublin, on January 8 last.

In an outline of the evidence, Garda John Altendorf told Judge John O'Connor at the Dublin Children's Court that the then 17-year-old and another male had entered a shop and took out trolleys.

The shop worker went after them to get the trolleys back and the teenager “stabbed him in the side of his head with a syringe”.

Gda Altendorf told Judge O'Connor that when he arrived at the scene the shop worker said that he had been stabbed in his left temple and the officer saw that he had a puncture wound there.

A medical report showed the cut was superficial and the man suffered a one-centimetre laceration on the left side of his face.

Defence counsel Aoife McNickle said the youth, now aged 18, had been interviewed by gardai and “vehemently denied using a syringe in the attack”. He also agreed to provide a blood sample to prove he had no illnesses.

However, while the teenager denies using a syringe he “admitted that the implement was a screwdriver”.

The youth, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, has not yet entered a plea to the charge. He was remanded on bail to appear again next month.

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