Tuesday 18 December 2018

Teen girl and former partner used boy (12) to help steal €1,000 worth of cosmetics

Dublin Children's Court
Dublin Children's Court

Tom Tuite

A teenage Dublin girl, who used a 12-year-old boy to help her and her former partner them steal almost €1,000 worth of cosmetics, has been spared a custodial sentence.

The 17-year-old girl pleaded guilty to the theft which happened on Jan. 18, 2017 at Boots in Malahide. She was on probation at the time for another theft offence. Judge John O’Connor was furnished with a pre-sentence report on the teen.

He imposed another probation bond on her which remains in force for the next 12 months.

Garda Thomas Byrne told the Dublin Children’s Court that the girl entered the shop and took just under €1,000 worth of cosmetics. She had been in the shop with another male and they got a boy aged 12 to carry the stolen products out of the shop.

“They were using a 12-year-old?”, Judge O’Connor queried.

The defence said the girl had been aged 16 at the time and had been with her former partner who was older than her and they were acting in concert. The girl had handed one thing to the 12-year-old and the young boy ran out with the cosmetics.

Judge O’Connor said it was an awful example to give the boy.

The defence said the girl has not done anything like that since. The girl had been placed on supervised probation for 12 months in June 2016 for another theft offence.

Her parents were present to hear the evidence.

The order made by the judge means that for the next 12 months she must comply with the directions of her probation officer to divert her from re-offending and she must not commit any further offences.

Otherwise the case could be re-entered and she would risk facing another sanction including a possible custodial sentence.

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