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Teen denies threatening to slash care worker’s throat

A YOUTH has denied threatening to slash a care worker's throat when he allegedly “cornered her” during a rampage in a children's home.

The 17-year-old boy has been charged at the Dublin Children's Court with threatening a youth care worker that he would kill or cause her serious harm, on a date last October. He faces connected charges for criminal damage to a door lock and frame, a kettle, glasses and cups at the children's home where he had been residing at the time.

It is also alleged that he burgled his mother's home on the same day.

Today he was accompanied by a care worker to court as his lawyer told Judge John O'Connor that the charges would be contested.

Judge O'Connor remanded the boy on continuing bail and ordered that his trial will take place next month.

Earlier the court had been told that it was alleged the youth threatened a care worker that he would “slash her throat and would to the same to other staff members”.

It was claimed he “cornered her and threw a kettle and a picture frame in her direction” but she did not require hospital treatment.

The city's juvenile court also heard that on the same date the boy allegedly broke into his mother's home where he took a pouch of tobacco and €20. It is claimed that the 17-year-old caused €790 worth of damages to his mother's front doorway to gain entry to her house.

Despite these allegations the boy continued to live at the children's home until being recently given alternative accommodation. He is saddened because his bail terms ban him from contact with his mother and he hopes that will be lifted, the court has heard. He has also been ordered to obey a 10pm to 8am curfew.

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