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Teen (16) threatened to stab Bus Eireann worker and rape his children during attack


The incident occurred at Busaras

The incident occurred at Busaras

The incident occurred at Busaras

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy, who attacked two Bus Eireann workers and made child rape threats, has been warned he could be facing a custodial sentence.

The teenager launched into a sexually graphic tirade during the incident when he assaulted two men at Busaras in Dublin city-centre on a date in August.

He pleaded guilty to assault charges and sentencing was deferred with a warning that he could be detained. However, a judge has sought a report on whether the Probation Service think he is suitable for a "restorative justice" approach.

The Dublin Children's Court heard that the teenager, who has a prior conviction for possessing bullets, is in care and had gone missing for a day.

He was about to board a bus to return to a children's home but the driver told him he was 90 cents short for the fare.

The teenager told the driver to "f**k himself" and a bus inspector then asked to him to step off. The inspector explained that the bus would still take him provided he was civil but the teenager told him that he would "f**k him up the a**, f**k his children up the a**".

The inspector then refused to let him on the bus and the teenager attempted to strike him, Garda Declan Reynolds told Judge John O'Connor. Security guards had to restrain the boy.

When Gda Reynolds arrived he found that the teenager was still shouting threats against the inspector telling him and other staff members he would return to Busaras and stab him.


The boy has 11 prior criminal convictions including possessing gun ammunition, assaults, drug possession, criminal damage and public order offences.

Judge O'Connor said the threats were "so appalling that it is not good enough if you say sorry". The boy was remanded on continuing bail pending sentencing. He was ordered to appear again in November when the probation report will be furnished to the judge.

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