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TD Boyd Barrett escapes points and fine for speeding

PEOPLE Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett has escaped penalty points, a fine and a conviction for speeding.

The left-wing deputy appeared at Dublin District Court after he failed to pay a fixed-penalty notice in connection with a speeding incident.

He admitted to breaking a 60kmh limit on the Stillorgan Road near Donnybrook on July 15 last year. He had faced four penalty points on his licence and a €100 fine to be paid within three months or else he would be jailed for a day.

Mr Boyd Barrett admitted the offence but claimed he did not receive the original fine.

He claimed that the notice was sent to an old address that was on his licence when he was stopped by the gardai.

Garda Ronan Moore said Mr Boyd Barrett had been driving at 86kmh in a 60kmh zone.

At 4.45pm on July 15 he was operating a speed check point when Mr Boyd Barrett, who was driving a 2004 Volkswagen Golf, was stopped.

The TD had one prior conviction in Galway District Court in December 2008 also for speeding, for which he had been fined €150.

Judge Clare Leonard ordered a €100 fine, with three months to pay.

The politician, who represented himself, then told the court: "I am fully accepting responsibility," but added: "I did not get the original fixed– penalty notice."

The judge asked the officer if he had taken Mr Boyd Barrett's address, to which he replied that Mr Boyd Barrett presented his driver's licence and gave his address at the scene.

When the 45-year-old TD for Dun Laoghaire had to give evidence he declined to use the bible to be sworn in. He said, "I am not a believer" and instead gave the non-religious affirmation.


"The address on my licence is an old address, a flat I used to rent, but I had left it three years ago, I did not receive the fixed- penalty notice," Mr Boyd Barrett told the court. "Five or six weeks ago I did get the summons notice," he added.

"In those circumstances, I will strike it out," the judge said as she decided to change her order and throw out the case.

Outside court yesterday, the TD said: "I better make sure I don't go over the limit again."

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