Wednesday 22 November 2017

Taxi driver unable to work after attack loses her home

Allison Bray

Allison Bray

A FEMALE taxi driver who has been unable to work since she was attacked in her cab had her home repossessed yesterday.

High Court Judge Elizabeth Dunne said she was reluctant to grant the order against the single mother, who she acknowledged had made a genuine effort to pay her mortgage.

The woman, who did not appear at the chancery summons hearing yesterday, took out a mortgage for €190,000 from Stepstone Mortgage Funding Ltd, when she was working as a taxi driver in the midlands in August 2007.

But she defaulted on her 25-year mortgage in July 2008 when she was unable to work or meet her €740 monthly mortgage payments after being attacked on the job.

The woman, who has been unemployed since the incident, owes €19,857 in arrears and has no means to pay, the court heard. She was turned down for social welfare benefits because of her self-employed status and also rejected when she applied for the mortgage interest supplement payment.


"She has done everything she could do," Ms Justice Dunne said. "The sad fact is that despite all her genuine efforts, she hasn't been able to stick to the arrangements she made.

"Yet the longer the matter goes on, the greater is her indebtedness and I have no choice but to grant the possession order."

A young man from Gort, Co Galway, who took out a mortgage for €190,000 from Start Mortgages Ltd in October 2005 -- and an additional loan of €19,050 in order to build a house on land owned by his parents -- also had his house repossessed yesterday.

The court heard the single man, who is unemployed, racked up arrears of €40,195, despite never living in the partially built house.

He was granted a stay of proceedings for six months in order to try to sell the house.

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