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Tax dodger gets six months to pay €1.8m

A TAX dodger was yesterday given until November to come up with €1.8m he owes the Revenue Commissioners.

Self-employed Daniel Kelleher from Shanakiel, Cork city, who became the first person in the state to be prosecuted from a joint Revenue and social welfare case, pleaded guilty yesterday to 12 sample charges at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

Mr Kelleher (43) stands accused of 35 separate charges relating to tax and social welfare offences.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to 12 sample counts, one of failing to submit an income tax declaration, three of failing to pay VAT bills, three of filing incorrect VAT returns, one of failing to pay an income tax return and two of failing to submit VAT returns.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of claiming unemployment assistance/ job seekers' allowance when he was self-employed.

The charges cover a period from 2005 to 2008 and the total amount owed according to the Revenue Commissioners is €1.8m.

Mr Kelleher's solicitor stated that the defence believed the figure owed was actually "slightly south of €1.6 million".

He said that Mr Kelleher was currently in negotiations with the Revenue Commissioners about coming to some arrangement.

Judge Sean O Donnabhain adjourned the case and Mr Kelleher will remain on bail until November 11 to allow negotiations to continue.

Irish Independent