Wednesday 21 March 2018

Tanya Doyle just wanted husband ‘off the pitch’, court hears

Tanya Doyle
Tanya Doyle

By Clodagh Sheehy

A WOMAN who stabbed her husband 61 times and killed him just "wanted her husband off the pitch", the Central Criminal Court was told today.

The manner in which Tanya Doyle stabbed Paul Byrne suggested an intention to kill, prosecution Counsel Bernard Condon SC told the court.

Tanya Doyle (40) of Pairc Gleann Trasna, Aylesbury, Tallaght has pleaded not guilty to murdering Paul Byrne (48) at that address on September 4, 2009.

Ms Byrne admits killing her husband but denies murdering him.

That court has heard that Mr Byrne was stabbed 60 times and two knives were found at the house.

In his closing statement in the case Mr Condon said the Jury had to decide if they were "dealing with a devious, calculating, vicious person.

Ms Doyle was a "deeply unreliable person.  You can't really believe anything she tells you" he said.

Mr Condon said Ms Doyle had a history of abusing many different kinds of drugs over a significant period of time, sometimes in significant amounts.

He told the jury they would have to decided if Ms Doyle was suffering from a mental disorder.

They had heard conflicting evidence from two expert psychiatrists about this and they would have to make up their own minds.

If she suffered from a mental disorder the verdict would have to be manslaughter and not murder.

Mr Condon went on to say that "common or garden motives"  were the feature in this case.  "She wanted her husband off the pitch."

It was not the first time Ms Doyle had common or garden motives to attack her husband. She had stabbed him before.

She had sold her story to a newspaper and was unhappy with the amount of money she had been paid.

This was a calculating individual.

"This is a woman who was capable of running an escort agency.  The point is she's able to operate in that underworld." said Mr Condon.

“She is able to run a business, a very difficult business.  And she was able to make from one reference 50,000 euro out of it."

She had spent a substantial amount of money on cosmetic surgery and on fixing her teeth, he added.

This was a capable woman who could go abroad and live abroad.  "This is not an incompetent " but a person of capability.

He also told the jury Ms Doyle had the "capacity to deceive".  She did this when she wanted to get drugs from pharmacies or money from banks.

He described Ms Doyle's actions as that of a calculating deceiver.  The consistent theme of her life was one of advancing her own interest.

Mr Condon  was a person capable of demanding things - she had a history of demanding and receiving.  "It was to be Tanya's way or no way."

He referred again to Ms Doyle selling her story to a newspaper but not being happy with the response.  "She only got hundreds not thousands".

On the day before her husband died she had gone to Heatons to buy two big knives. "She walked around for a while to find the right knives" and then goes back to the house and hides them.

"We hear the chilling effects of that the next day."

Mr Condon said on the day Ms Doyle had stopped her husband from ringing a cab to leave the house.

"Why is this person whom she is so afraid of, not to be allowed to leave the house. It is because he is to be killed," he told the jury.

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