Sunday 18 March 2018

Student got father's rifle after 200 people invaded 'free house'

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Cillian Sherlock

A young student who returned home from a night out to find more than 200 young people invading his house for a party then carried his father's rifle downstairs in an effort to clear them out.

A large group took advantage of a "free house" while Aaron Nordon's parents were away after word spread on social media.

Nordon, from Blackrock, Dundalk, Co Louth, admitted a summons for unauthorised possession of a licensed firearm at his home on February 27, 2016, but a conviction was not recorded against him.

'The Argus' reports that Nordon's parents were away at the time of the incident, and that he had been at the pub with his friends on the evening in question.

However, the court heard that by the time he returned home, news of a 'free house' had spread on social media and around 200 youths had shown up.

Gardaí said the 21-year-old had difficulty removing the crowds and it was then that he went to retrieve his father's unloaded rifle.

The court heard there had been a burglary in the house a short time prior to the impromptu party, and a thief had stolen the gun case which left the rifle "out".

Nordon was filmed by some of the teenagers as he tried to make them leave.

A passing garda patrol also saw the crowds of people around the house.

A summons was subsequently issued.

Nordon, who is currently a film studies student, has never been in trouble before, according to solicitor Conor MacGuill.

Judge Coughlan queried whether there were any proceedings against Nordon's father but found that there was not.


He said: "I think the father was wrong to have the gun out of the case."

The judge added that he would "take a grand off the father" by way of a donation to the court poor box.

The incident has been likened to the 2012 Hollywood movie 'Project X' where a group of youths throw a party which quickly goes out of control after details are spread online.

Nordon declined to comment when contacted by the Irish Independent this week.

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