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State seizes €95,000 'lottery winnings'

The State has seized €95,000 from a convicted bank robber who claimed the money originated in a lottery win.

Mark Fitzgerald (43) was found with the cash wrapped in clingfilm in his luggage as he was getting a flight to Malaga in November 2008.

Judge Martin Nolan at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court said he was satisfied the cash was either the proceeds of crime or was going to be used in crime.

Fitzgerald, of Dunmore Park, Kingswood, Dublin 24, said he was using the money to buy an apartment in Spain but he could not remember the name of his estate agents. He claimed he was bringing the money in cash because he does not trust banks.

He said the money came from his car dealing business which was set up with the proceeds of a £500,000 lottery win.

Judge Nolan said there was no proof the money was legitimate and there was no "paper trial".

Irish Independent