Sunday 19 January 2020

State seeks to activate suspended sentence for Cork hurler who attacked girlfriend while drunk and on steroids

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THE State is seeking to activate the two year suspended portion of a prison sentence imposed on a former Cork hurler who attacked his girlfriend while high on a cocktail of body-building steroids and alcohol.

Shane Green (25) was given a five year prison sentence, two years of which were suspended, in July 2014 after he "exploded" in fury after becoming separated from his girlfriend while out socialising in Cork city and the duo were forced to travel home separately by taxi.

Having arrived back at his Kilcully home on January 24 2014, Green angrily confronted the young woman in a back room and falsely imprisoned her.

He grabbed her by the neck, repeatedly punched her, knocked her to the ground and prevented her from fleeing the house.

He placed his hands around her neck and the young woman admitted she thought she was going to be choked.

Another woman was also attacked.

Yesterday, the State indicated it was seeking to have the two year suspended portion of Green's sentence activated.

This followed Green being charged in relation to another matter and with failing to adhere to a number of appointments with the Probation and Welfare Service (PWS) in January and February.

As his defence team pleaded for him to be given another chance, Judge Gerard O'Brien hit out at the way some people treat suspended sentences.

"Why did he have another offence when he is (already) on a suspended sentence," he warned.

"He is not dealing with the issues. The best way to have an appropriate and stable relationship with a partner and possibly children is to not engage in taking drugs and to (properly) deal with addiction issues."

"If he does not engage, he will go back into prison and he will serve the full term. If there is not immediate and appropriate engagement, he serves it all."

Judge O'Brien directly warned Green about his behaviour as he adjourned the State application for the two year suspension to be activated.

"Do you understand that," he warned Green.

"You are too old to be berated by a judge in court. This is not appropriate. You are too old for this. Normally people grow out of bad behaviour. You need to smell the coffee."

Four years ago, the young woman admitted she was left terrified by the incident involving Green.

His blows were so violent that the young woman was left with a mixture of blood and tears flowing from one eye.

The 24-year-old woman later said she feared she would be strangled.

She was left with a fractured cheekbone.

During her ordeal, a middle-aged woman present in the house courageously tried to protect the young woman.

However, Green struck the older woman repeatedly and knocked her to the ground.

Green admitted to having anger management issues with the Kilcully incident blamed on a cocktail of body building steroids combined with alcohol.

He was thrown off his own GAA panel because of a drugs problem.

Green pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing harm and false imprisonment against the two women.

He received a five year prison sentence with the final two years suspended in light of his plea and remorse.

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