Thursday 23 November 2017

Southside reveller denies smashing glass in woman's face in bathroom of Copper Face Jack's

Amy Sutton
Amy Sutton

A YOUNG woman has denied hitting another in the face with a glass in an alleged nightclub assault.

Amy Sutton (25) is alleged to have struck the woman in a confrontation in the toilets at Copper Face Jacks, leaving her scarred.

The case against her was adjourned after Dublin District Court heard that some of the CCTV footage taken on the night had not been disclosed by the prosecution.

Ms Sutton, from Tobernea Terrace, Blackrock, is pleading not guilty to assault causing harm to Sinead Pope.

Ms Pope told the court she was in the toilets in the club on Harcourt Street in the early hours of November 30, 2014.

As she walked out, she felt someone push her from behind in the doorway.

“I turned around and asked the girl to have patience and to stop pushing me,” she said.

“It was then that she got quite aggressive and started shouting at me and cursing at me, and then the glass hit my face.”

She said the woman had been pushing at her with a glass in her hand, which was raised towards her face.

There was a large cut to her nose and she was left with a scar there and another under her left eye.

She ran back into the toilets and the woman left, she said.

“I was in a panic, I just saw blood streaming down my face in the mirror,” she said.

She tried to focus her vision, which was blurred as she wore contact lenses and the drink had got into her eyes.

She described the woman as being smaller than her, with fair hair, wearing a black crop top, black jeans and black boots.

Staff took her around the club to see if she could see her alleged assailant, but she could not.

Ms Pope said there were a lot of people in the club and she could not see the woman on the CCTV either.

Staff then went to find the woman and asked Ms Pope to identify her.

“When I saw her, I was 100pc certain it was her,” she said.

Defence barrister Brian Storan said Ms Sutton would say she recalled trying to get out of the bathroom on the night when somebody was standing there, asking her to “properly say excuse me”.

A staff member said in evidence that when he spoke to Ms Sutton she was not wearing shoes and became “extremely aggressive”.

He asked her to put her shoes on. “I was told to ‘f*** off’, and ‘who the f*** was I’”, he said.


He said the woman had pink high heels. In CCTV footage a woman the club employee referred to was wearing a white top.

However, the employee then told the judge he had viewed a separate piece of footage that was not before the court.

A state solicitor said this was the first time she had heard

of the other piece of footage, and asked Judge Bryan Smyth to adjourn the case to establish whether it was still available.

Mr Storan asked the judge to dismiss the case, saying the description of the alleged assailant and the woman on the CCTV footage did not match.

The judge refused to dismiss the case and granted the adjournment.

The case will continue on a later date.

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