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Son who beheaded mother gets nine years in jail


James Dunleavy has been jailed for nine years.

James Dunleavy has been jailed for nine years.

James Dunleavy has been jailed for nine years.

An Irishman who killed his mother before burying her dismembered body in a shallow grave has been jailed for nine years.

Dubliner James Dunleavy killed his mother Philomena (66) following a row at his flat in Edinburgh in 2013.

He was convicted of culpable homicide due to diminished responsibility in the UK's High Court in January last year, and was yesterday jailed for nine years. Outside court, Dunleavy's father Seamus said he was convinced his son was not guilty. He said: "He's innocent."

A jury heard how Dunleavy beat and strangled Philomena before cutting off her head and legs. Her remains were found on local beauty spot Corstorphine Hill by a cyclist.

Judge Lord Jones sent the labourer to the state hospital in Carstairs, Lanarkshire, in order for his mental health to be assessed by psychiatrists.

The court heard that Dunleavy had been responsible for a number of anti-social incidents during his time in the state hospital, including attacking another patient.

Yesterday, the judge ordered that Dunleavy serve his time in a conventional prison.

He made his decision after hearing evidence that Dunleavy was a psychopath who cut his mother open because he suspected she was a "reptile".

He wanted to look inside her to see if she was impersonating a human. Mr Jones ordered Dunleavy be supervised by the authorities for nine years following his release from prison.

He added: "I will impose an extended sentence of 18 years. The custodial element will be nine years."

Mrs Dunleavy, from Marino, had been visiting her son in the days leading up to the attack.

Police launched Operation Sandpiper and appealed for Irish people to help to identify the dismembered body.

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