Friday 24 November 2017

Sex predator pestered women and would not take 'no' for an answer

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Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

A menace has been taken out of circulation with the 13-year sentence handed down to Faisal Ellahi.

He is unlikely to ever set foot on the streets of Dublin again, as he faces deportation at the end of his sentence.

The Pakistan-born former security guard carried out the most heinous of crimes, the brutal rape of a young woman with Down Syndrome.

The only miracle is that he was caught before he could abuse other women.

His trial heard the 34-year-old propositioned no fewer than 16 other women on the street around the time of the rape.

The real number is likely to be much higher.

Ellahi insisted he believed he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Evidence was heard that he came from a rural part of Pakistan subject to strict Islamic Sharia law.

When he arrived in Ireland in search of work in 2005, he found it "quite jarring" to see couples holding hands or kissing.

He did not have any contact with women for two years. But, as if a switch had flipped, he started going to nightclubs and bringing women home for sex.

Later, "with some success", he began propositioning women on the street and started using prostitutes.

A psychologist said he had an "elevated sexual preoccupation" and a low IQ, which meant he had difficulty adapting to social norms. But only so much of his activities can be attributed to the notion of cultural misunderstanding.

Other evidence suggested he was a depraved sexual predator unable to take no for an answer.

One 18-year-old woman told how Ellahi had approached her and offered her wine and cigarettes. He grabbed her arm and asked her if she would have sex with him for €200.

She told gardaí she "kicked him in the balls and punched him in the jaw" before running away, leaving him "on the deck".

Another woman told how Ellahi walked alongside her, asked her to come for a drink while "sucking his teeth" and "hissing".

She described him as "extremely persistent". On one occasion, he followed her up the steps of her home and tried to get in.

A different woman told how when she was parked waiting to collect someone, Ellahi stuck his head in the car window and said: "Hello. It's hot. You're hot. Do you feel hot?"

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