Friday 15 November 2019

Sean Quinn Jnr to attend Supreme Court appeal

Tim Healy

THE Supreme Court will rule tomorrow on the appeal by Sean Quinn Junior against the decision to jail him almost three months ago.

Quinn Junior was jailed by Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne following her findings he acted in contempt of court orders restraining stripping of up to $430m assets from the Quinn family's international property group and also failed to reverse a series of asset-stripping steps.

The four day appeal hearing concluded last week and the matter is listed today "for ruling" in the Supreme Court which appears to indicate the five judges will outline their decision on the appeal with full reasons to be provided later.

This evening, lawyers for Quinn Junior applied to the Supreme Court for an order directing that he may attend court tomorrow morning for the ruling. That production order was granted.

During the appeal, his lawyers argued that Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, the former Anglo Irish Bank, had failed to outline exactly what Quinn Junior is being held in prison for and had conceded there was "no direct evidence" to support the finding of contempt against him.

The Bank contended "a chain of events" and 30 pieces of circumstantial evidence supported the High Court's "common sense" finding Mr Quinn participated in a US$500,000 payment on foot of which he was found in contempt.

Quinn Junior attended all four days of the appeal and returned to Mountjoy Prison last Wesdnesday when the appeal concluded. His wife Karen Woods and brother in law Niall McPartland and some of his sisters also attended the appeal.

Last June, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne ruled he was in contempt of court orders of June and July 2011 restraining stripping of assets on the basis of his participation in a US$500,000 payment to Larissa Puga, general director of Quinn Properties Ukraine, on the eve of that company's takeover by the bank in August 2011.

The judge later made 30 coercive orders aimed at unwinding asset-stripping measures and, after finding Quinn Jnr, his father and cousin Peter failed to comply with those, jailed Quinn Jnr and Peter Quinn but did not jail Sean Quinn Snr so he could take steps to achieve compliance.

Peter Quinn did not attend court on July 20th and a warrant for his arrest remains unexecuted while he continues to live in Northern Ireland. All three Quinns said they could not reverse the asset stripping on grounds including matters had passed out of their control to Russian lawyers and others. The contempt matter is due for review by Ms Justcie Dunne on Friday.

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