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Sean Quinn Jnr takes 'victimisation' case following redundancy from father's firm


Sean Quinn Jnr leaving an employment appeals tribunal today

Sean Quinn Jnr leaving an employment appeals tribunal today

Sean Quinn Jnr leaving an employment appeals tribunal today

SEAN Quinn Jnr has claimed he was subjected to a campaign of victimisation and harassment to oust him from the insurance company founded by his former billionaire father.

He is taking a case before an Employment Appeals Tribunal claiming he was unfairly selected for redundancy following the appointment by the High Court of administrators to Quinn Insurance Limited.

He is understood to have been the only compulsory redundancy out of more than 900 at the insurance firm.

Giving evidence at the opening of the case in Dublin this morning, joint administrator of Quinn Insurance Michael McAteer said it was clear following his appointment on March 30, 2010, that the business needed to be "resized" and around 900 redundancies were required.

Mr Quinn, of Farmleigh Woods, Castleknock, Dublin, was head of UK commerical business on a basic annual salary of €75,000, excluding his bonus.

Mr McAteer, a partner in accountancy firm Grant Thornton, said the buyers of Quinn Insurance, Liberty Mutual, made it clear they did not want to buy the UK insurance book and, as such, Mr Quinn Jnr's position was redundant.


He told how at a "frank" meeting with Mr Quinn Jnr, he was offered a number of alternative positions which were rejected by Mr Quinn Jnr.

Mr Quinn Jnr was dismissed from his job on August 1, 2011.

Opening the hearing, tribunal chairman Tom Ryan said he will be considering whether Mr Quinn Jnr was dismissed because his position was made redundant, or whether it was a case of “dismissal dressed up under the cloak of redundancy.”

He said the case will be heard on the basis of its merits, irrespective of the parties involved.

The hearing was adjourned to July at which point Mr Quinn Jnr is expected to give his evidence.

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