Saturday 16 February 2019

Sean Quinn claims IBRC conducting vendetta against him

Greg Harkin

FORMER billionaire Sean Quinn has been made a "scapegoat", he has claimed.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Quinn accused the former Anglo Irish Bank of conducting a vendetta against him.

He also insisted that he believed he would be jailed.

“The biggest disgrace about all this is they have my son in jail and me ready to go to it for taking assets which we believe then and now are ours,” he told the London-based newspaper.

He again insisted that his family does not owe Anglo the money it is now claiming back, saying that €2.34bn of the €2.8bn loans given to them are “tainted with illegality”.

However, Mike Aynsley, the boss of the Irish Bank Resolution Corp – the new name for Anglo – tells the paper the blame for court proceedings rests with Mr Quinn.

“Sean Quinn is being unreasonable in his assessment of the bank’s intentions,” he said.

“He has chosen to disregard the court process and is progressing down a path of duplicitous action,” he added, arguing Mr Quinn has misappropriated “what are in effect state assets”.

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