Monday 20 November 2017

Scissor Sisters' brother stabbed partner 12 times in frenzied attack

Rebecca Penston

THE brother of the infamous Scissor Sisters punctured his partner's lungs and left her with 12 wounds during a frenzied knife attack, a court has heard.

But he won't be sentenced for another six weeks as the judge makes enquries about previous convictions in Ireland.

James Mulhall (39) has pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent after he stabbed long-term partner Margaret McNamee at their home in Leeds, West Yorkshire, in September last year.

Mulhall's sisters, Linda and Charlotte, are serving prison sentences for their part in killing their mother Kathleen's partner, Farah Swaleh Noor, in 2005.

At Leeds Crown Court, prosecutor Charles Blatchford told how Mulhall had used a vegetable peeling knife with a three- to four-inch blade to knife his partner.

Mrs McNamee suffered 12 stab wounds to her chest, face, hand and leg, and both her lungs were punctured.

Mr Blatchford said that on September 30, an argument had started between the couple, and Mulhall was seen doing a "punching action" against his partner – which turned out to be the stabbing. He was then seen to be kneeling over Ms McNamee holding the kitchen knife with both hands and stabbing her with it.

A neighbour heard the arguing and called the police – and Ms McNamee was then seen leaving the house, covered in blood and carrying the knife she had taken from Mulhall.

But by the time Ms McNamee had gotten into the ambulance, the knife was not in her possession – and has never been found.

Mr Blatchford also told how when police arrived, they could hear screaming from inside the house. "They noticed the victim was covered in blood," he said.

Officers tried to get into the house, but Mulhall was "being defensive and aggressive, shouting and slamming the door in their faces".

One of the officers managed to use CS gas, but he still wouldn't allow them into the house – so they called for assistance and a "burly officer" arrived. "After a struggle the defendant was arrested," Mr Blatchford added.

Ms McNamee was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where a doctor found 12 wounds over her chest, face, hand and leg.

"A chest X-ray showed both lungs had been punctured by wounds. She had to have bilateral chest drains," Mr Blatchford said.


Judge Geoffrey Marson adjourned sentencing so the prosecution could find out about any previous convictions.

He said: "Whilst I appreciate that you are anxious to know what your sentence will be, I have at the front of my mind that question of dangerousness.

"I am not saying that I have made my mind up and I won't until I have heard from (the prosecution). But I can't begin to sentence this case until I have some certainty about the defendant's previous convictions."

To James Keeley, defending Mulhall, he added: "And you can't mitigate properly without this information."

The judge told Mulhall, who the court heard moved from Ireland around two years ago: "I'm very sorry that I have to adjourn the case. It's very frustrating for me and for you but I really do need this information."

Judge Marson adjourned until March 1.

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