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Schoolgirl 'marched off' street awarded €15,000

A 17-year-old schoolgirl, who was "marched off" a Dublin street and into a back room in a Dunnes Stores' shop, has been awarded €15,000 damages for assault and defamation.

Dublin Circuit Civil Court heard yesterday that Tanya Pharsicna felt she had been falsely portrayed as a shoplifter when surrounded by three tall security men in Henry Street, Dublin, and "assisted" back to the shop.

Ms Pharsicna, of Captain's Road, Kimmage, Dublin, had been with her mother, Eileen Pharsicna, in Dunnes Stores in the Ilac Centre in June last year.


Mrs Pharsicna had bought a shopping trolley which she had paid for and assembled in the store. They had left Dunnes and a short time later they had returned on to Henry Street where they had been approached by three security men from Dunnes Stores.

One of the men had put his hand on Ms Pharsicna's shoulder and marched her back to the shop.

Ms Pharsicna, who sued through her father Epsona Pharsicna, had been told to empty a shopping bag onto a table. The goods were all bought and paid for.

The goods had been replaced in the bag and the security men had left the room. The security men later told the Pharsicnas that a mistake had been made and they were free to go.

Circuit Court President, Mr Justice Matthew Deery approved the payment into court of a settlement offer of €15,000 for Ms Pharsicna who will be 18 later this year.

Mrs Pharsicna earlier sued Dunnes Stores on her own behalf and settled her damages claim for an undisclosed sum.

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