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Rugby rape trial: The key points as trial concludes sixth week of evidence

Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson are accused of raping the woman in June 2016. Both deny the charges.
Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson are accused of raping the woman in June 2016. Both deny the charges. Newsdesk Newsdesk

Over the last six weeks, the jury in the rugby rape trial have been hearing evidence at the Laganside Crown Court in Belfast.

As the trial comes to a close, here are the key points from the trial so far:

What are the charges?

Paddy Jackson (26), of Oakleigh Park, Belfast has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault at a party in his house in the early hours of June 28, 2016.

Stuart Olding (24), of Ardenlee Street, Belfast, denies one count of rape on the same occasion. Both men contend the activity was consensual.

Blane McIlroy (26), of Royal Lodge Road, Ballydollaghan, Belfast, has pleaded not guilty to one count of exposure while Rory Harrison (25), from Manse Road, Belfast, pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice and withholding information relating to the incident.

WEEK 1: Court hears from the alleged victim

On the night of the alleged rape, the woman said she and her friends went to Ollies nightclub. Over the course of the night she said she had a large glass and a half of wine and "about three double vodkas".

At closing time she recalls exiting the club and going to an after-party.

At one stage at the party, she and Paddy Jackson went upstairs and they began to kiss. It was completely consensual but instigated by Paddy Jackson, she said.

Paddy Jackson arrives at Belfast Crown Court
Paddy Jackson arrives at Belfast Crown Court

However, he attempted to undo her trousers and she told him she wasn't interested so they went back downstairs.

Asked if he had attempted to take matters further, she shook her head emphatically, saying: "no."

After a while, she decided to leave, she told the court.

She had realised that she had left her clutch bag upstairs and went up to get it.

The next thing she remembered was Paddy Jackson being at the foot of the bed, she said.

She said you might think you would "kick and fight and scream but it doesn't work that way," she told the court, adding: "You literally freeze."

"I knew what was going to happen," she said.

She told the court she couldn't move because she had white trousers on and they were tight and had caught on her knees; "I couldn't actually move," she said.

Stuart Olding. Photo: PA
Stuart Olding. Photo: PA

"After that it went so quickly," said the girl.

Asked if he had said anything to her, she shook her head, saying "no".

"I'd already told him verbally no," she said.

"Nothing about me was physically telling him to keep going," she said.

"He already knew I didn't want this to happen and he kept going."

She said the next thing she recalled was the door opening and Stuart Olding walked into the room.

"My heart just sank. I knew what was going to happen," she said.

She said she looked into Mr Jackson's eyes and said, "please not him as well."

She claimed Mr Olding forced her to give him oral sex.

She claimed the door opened again and she looked around and heard a female voice. She said she turned her head quickly because she said: "I was worried I was going to be filmed or something because they were all taking photos downstairs."

"She opened the door and said 'oh'," she said, adding that Mr Jackson had asked the other girl if she wanted to stay but she said no and shut the door.

She wept as she told the court of being further assaulted by Mr Jackson, saying she had attempted to make him stop.

Then the door opened again and she looked over and it was Blane McIlroy (26), she claimed, standing there "completely naked, holding his penis in his hands".

Blane McIlroy. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

"I thought this is not happening again," she told the court, saying she got off the bed and grabbed her clothes.

She recalled asking Mr Jackson if he had used a condom and pulled on her trousers so quickly that she did not even put on her underwear but put them in her pocket.

She claimed Mr McIlroy had said: "You f***** the other guys why not me?" and said his whole stance was "aggressive."

"At that point my fight instincts kicked in. There was not a chance it was going to happen again," she said.

"I remember shouting at him 'how many times does it take to say no before it sinks in?'" she said.

She ran downstairs and out of the house - but had to return because she had forgotten her phone and could not get home without it because she needed to ring a taxi.

Running back inside, she went up to the bedroom and retrieved it. Nobody else was in the room at the time, she thought.

Running away from the house again, the front door opened and Rory Harrison came out. She panicked initially but then realised he was asking if she was ok.

"I obviously wasn't ok. I was crying a lot. I don't know if he knew what had happened but he would've seen the blood on my trousers," she said.

She said they walked to the top of the road to get a taxi.

Mr Hedworth QC asked how she was at that point and the girl replied: "I was an absolute mess. I was crying."

She recalled asking Mr Harrison who Blane McIlroy was because she didn't know if she would be able to identify him.

In the taxi she had said something like: "It should've have happened or it shouldn't have happened to a girl like me."

"I can't remember the conversation I was so upset," she said.

She said she had "absolutely no complaints" about Mr Harrison because "he didn't lay a finger on me," and that he wouldn't take any money for a taxi.

She had told two close friends by text what had happened and they had told her to report it to the police but she said she felt she could not.

"You just don't think they're going to believe you," she said. She did not want people finding out what happened and she felt that if she went to the police she would have to stay it to her parents at some point. Her father had recently taken a heart attack, she said, adding that it had been a serious one.

She was trying to remain rational about it, she added, saying that she knew she needed to go and get checked out. She intended to get the morning after pill because she wasn't sure condoms were used. A couple of weeks later she got an STI screening.

Asked why she had reported the matter, she said; "The more I thought about it, rape is a game of power and control. They rely on your silence and the only way is you take the power back. You go to the police. I was going to do something about it," she said.

She said it could maybe have prevented it from happening to someone else.

"It could've been one of my friends or it could've been my sister outside Ollies. It was the best decision I have ever made [to report it]," she said.

The court also heard that the woman attended a clinic for sexual assault to get the morning-after pill.

Week 2: Alleged victim is questioned by the defence

The woman who claimed she was raped was questioned about text messages she sent to her friend telling her she had been raped, with three upside-down smiling emoji faces. When she was asked about these emojis, she said it signified mixed emotions.

She added that at that time "everything is going through your head, Why did it happen to me, what did I do to deserve it."

And when it was suggested that the first friend she contacted was a girl who was mutual friends with the group of girls back at the party, and who would therefore be likely to be the first to hear a rumour or see something on social media, she replied: "No. That's an entirely twisted mindset and thought process you have just laid out there. That's not what I was thinking or feeling."

She was also asked about the version of events she recounted to a doctor at the Rowan Centre, on the evening of June 28, 2016.

Frank O'Donoghoe, the barrister representing Olding, pointed out that at no point did she mention she had been orally raped. Instead, the barrister said, she told the medic she had been vaginally raped three times.

She replied by saying that during the incident there were stages she didn't know who was behind her raping her, and that she couldn't remember all the details of the medical due to her shocked state.

When asked if she was exaggerating her state to explain an "utterly inconsistent history" given to the doctor, she told Mr O'Donoghoe: "You are underestimating the state of shock you go in to after you have been raped."

She also accepted she didn't know who Olding was, but admitted she later identified him from a photograph on Jackson's Facebook in his "team kit."

During the second week, the court also heard about text messages between the alleged victim and Rory Harrison.

Rory Harrison

She said she had "absolutely no complaint" with Harrison, telling the court and jury: "He took me home and I'm grateful for that."

Under cross-examination from Mr Duffy QC, the woman agreed that Harrison had done "absolutely nothing wrong". She also confirmed that Harrison had comforted her on the way home in the taxi when she was extremely upset."

After ensuring she got home at around 5.15am, Harrison sent the woman a text telling her "keep the chin up you wonderful young woman" to which she replied: "Thank you so much for leaving me home, I really appreciate it Rory, you've been far too kind."

And when Harrison texted her around noon, asking is she was feeling better, she texted back: "To be honest, no. I know you must be mates with those guys but I don't like them. And what happened was not consensual, which is why I was so upset. Again, thank you for taking me home. That was really appreciated."

For the first time in the trial, the court heard that Harrison's response to that text was "Jesus." He sent her another text shortly afterwards, which said "I am not sure what to say."

When Mr Duffy asked the woman that this text would have given an impression this came as "something of a surprise" to Harrison, she answered: "It would seem to appear that way, yes."

At the end of the second week, the jury of nine men and three women and the judge in the case visited the home of Jackson where the alleged rape and assault occurred.

No media were permitted to document the visit.

Week 3: Court hears from woman who walked into room during alleged rape and taxi driver who took alleged victim home

Dara Florence, a young woman who attended an after-party at rugby player Paddy Jackson's home said she "walked in on a threesome."

ugby rape trial 013 (INT_ED5_S01) (INT_ED6_S01) (Read-Only).png
Dara Florence, pictured, Claire Matthews and Emily Docherty appeared as witnesses in the trial of Ulster and Ireland rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding. Photos: Pacemaker

Explaining that her and her friend were ready to leave the party at around 4am, and were trying to locate their other friend, the witness said she heard "moaning" coming from a bedroom, thought her friend was in the room, and so opened the door.

From the witness box, she told the court she closed the door, turned to her friend and said "I have just seen a threesome".

The woman was asked about a statement she gave to police in September 2016 about what she had seen.

Revealing the door was open for less than a minute, she told police 'I would not say that the female was distressed.'

When asked by Brendan Kelly QC, the barrister representing, "I presume that remains your recollection", she replied "100pc".

Confirming to Mr Kelly that she saw no signs of the woman in distress, and that she didn't think she had just witnessed a rape, the woman said: "I remember kind of laughing and telling (my friend) I had just walked in on a threesome."

And when asked by Mr Kelly "did you have any concern when you left the room?", she answered "no."

She was also asked by Jackson's barrister if she understood the term 'frozen in fear', to which she replied "you can't move because you are so scared." Mr Kelly then asked if she felt the woman was "frozen in fear when you stood watching her on the bed?" She again said "no."

The court also heard from a taxi driver who took the alleged woman home and said she was crying and sobbing throughout the journey.

Stephen Fisher told Belfast Crown Court: "The young woman definitely seemed very upset.

"She was crying/sobbing throughout the journey. She did not really talk very much at all, bar telling me where she needed to go."

The court heard that the complainant had been in the taxi with Rory Harrison.

When asked by a prosecutor about Harrison's actions, Mr Fisher told the jury: "The gentleman in question was attempting to comfort the lady.

"I believe I remember her head was placed on his chest. He was trying to comfort her."

He was further quizzed about a phone conversation involving Harrison in the car.

Mr Fisher said: "To me, from what I heard, I would explain it as talking as sort of in code."

He said he heard "small snippets".

"I recall him saying to the person on the phone 'She is with me now. She is not good. I'll call you in the morning'," added Mr Fisher.

The taxi driver was questioned by a barrister for Jackson about staining he had noticed on the back of the complainant's trousers.

When he checked his seats, there was no sign of any stains or marks and he felt the stain had been dried in, the court heard.

Meanwhile the court was told that, when police made contact with the taxi driver, he knew what they wanted.

"It dawned on me - I went 'Oh yes', and the whole episode came together," he said.

Under cross-examination by Gavin Duffy QC, representing Harrison, the taxi driver confirmed he had not reported any concerns to police.

Week 4: Court hears police interviews and from doctor who examined alleged victim

The court heard how Olding was arrested an hour after the complainant's interview concluded.

He had voluntarily attended Musgrave Street PSNI station in Belfast and was arrested, Mr O'Donoghue said.

While being questioned at the police station, Olding's south Belfast home was searched and clothing was retrieved - however not the outfit he had been wearing on the night of the alleged offence, the court was told.

Asking the detective about Olding's conduct during the interview, Mr O'Donoghue said: "Mr Olding was fully co-operative?"

The officer answered: "He was."

Probing further the lawyer added: "Is it fair to say that he had asserted during the course of the interviews very important facts relevant to the oral sex?

"For example he told you what he was wearing?

"He told you he was wearing a navy shirt? He told you he was wearing black jeans? He told you he was wearing black boxer underwear?

"He told you he was wearing brown shoes?"

The detective replied: "I could not remember specifics."

In his account to police, Olding said the complainant had performed oral sex.

His client had been very clear about what happened but insisted it was consensual, said Mr O'Donoghue.

"He accepted that primary fact, that it lasted for about five minutes," said Mr O'Donoghue.

"He did say that she asked them, Mr Jackson and Mr Olding, to go and get condoms?"

The officer said: "I recall that being mentioned."

Mr O'Donoghue said: "He said he ejaculated? He ejaculated but not in her mouth."

The barrister also suggested that, according to Olding, while performing oral sex, the woman had been on her knees and was bent over.

She had also taken off her own top, the barrister put it to the court.

"He ejaculated on his own stomach," said Mr O'Donoghue.

"He wiped himself with toilet roll, not in the bedroom but in an adjoining bathroom?"

The officer replied: "Yes."

Court hears from doctor who examined woman after alleged assault

Belfast Crown Court was told the complainant had a one centimetre bleeding laceration on the wall of her vagina, as well as minor bruising to her right arm and right leg.

When questioned about possible causes of the injuries, Dr Philip Lavery, a forensic medical officer, said: "There's no way of giving entire credence as to whether this was consensual or not.

Dr Lavery examined the woman after she referred herself to the Rowan rape crisis centre in Antrim the day after the alleged attack in June 2016.

He found a tear approximately two or three centimetres inside the vagina.

It could have been caused by "any blunt force trauma" applied to the wall of the vagina, he said.

Dr Lavery said: "It could include a penis, it could include fingers or it could include any object."

When asked if he could "choose" between any of the potential causes, the doctor replied: "No, Your Honour."

The 12-person jury also heard how swabs and blood samples were taken by medics at the Rowan centre, and clothing the complainant had worn on the night in question was also retained.

The woman had been tearful but co-operative during the hour-long examination and showed no signs of intoxication, the court heard.

Dr Lavery explained that measures were taken to ascertain whether the bleeding was from the laceration or as a result of her monthly menstrual cycle.

"I have noted no menstrual bleeding coming from the cervix," he said.

Meanwhile, the doctor was asked, during cross examination by Brendan Kelly QC, representing Paddy Jackson, who denies rape and sexual assault, if there had been any mention of digital penetration.

"No, there's no mention of that," he answered.

The barrister continued: "There is no mention by the complainant that she was forced to perform oral sex upon one of her attackers?"

"That's correct," added Dr Lavery.

Outlining that a forensic science form would be relied upon for any criminal proceedings, the barrister suggested that had he been told about the alleged oral rape, the doctor would have ordered a mouth swab.

"Yes, that would be standard practice," Dr Lavery said.

In week four, the court also heard that semen matching the DNA profile of Ireland and Ulster rugby player Stuart Olding was found on clothing and underwear worn by a woman he is alleged to have raped.

The victim's blood was also found on Paddy Jackson's bedsheets, the court was told.

The court also heard during the fourth week that Stuart Olding told police he had 'eight cans, four pints, five vodkas, two gins and three shots' on the night of the alleged rape.

Paddy Jackson's interview with police

Jackson said he was horrified to be accused of rape and told police he had not forced himself on a woman following a night out.

In his first statement to police two days after the alleged rape in June 2016, Jackson told an officer: "I strenuously deny these allegations.

"I am shocked and horrified that these allegations have been made against me."

Mr Jackson, who said he found the incident awkward to talk about, believed the woman had been flirtatious towards him, the court heard.

He said the sexual activity happened after the complainant followed him to his room for a second time that night.

The pair had earlier shared a consensual kiss, but when he admitted to the alleged victim that he did not know her name they left the room and returned downstairs, he said.

He said they "just kind of picked up where we left off" when they returned to his room later, kissing and touching before she began performing oral sex on him.

Olding then came into the room and got onto the bed too and the woman performed oral sex on him, Mr Jackson said.

At this point, Mr Jackson began using his fingers on the woman, he said.

Asked by the officer how the woman seemed, he said: "Fine, I didn't force myself on her so I presumed it was happening and she wanted it to happen. She could have left if she wanted to, but she didn't."

He said he had seen some blood on his fingers and on the sheets.

In the complainant's police interview, which the trial has already heard, she alleged the sexual activity had been rough and she bled.

Asked if he thought it might be hurting her,  Mr Jackson said: "If it did, I would've stopped, I definitely would've stopped."

He added: "If she didn't want to be there I would never have stopped her (leaving) or tried to keep her there. No way."

He denied penetrating her with his penis.

Asked how he had felt after the experience, he said: "Well, it sounds stupid cause we're here now but obviously like we thought it was good if you know what I mean."

Asked how he felt about both he and Olding having oral sex with the same girl, he said: "Yeah, it felt good, I enjoyed having sex, you know."

Week 5: The court hears about Whatsapp messages sent after alleged rape

In a series of text messages between Rory Harrison and Blane McIlroy on the afternoon and evening of June 30, the friends discuss the arrests of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, with McIlory asking Harrison if he knew the complainant's name.

Harrison tells McIloy her name, says "hopefully it will be thrown out" and tells his friend she is "just a silly girl who has done something then regretted it."

Harrison also messages "she is causing so much trouble for the lads."

In the series of messages, Harrison also tells McIlroy "the cops went straight to Les Kiss, which is f*****g ridiculous." He also texted; "this is ridiculous. Surely this is all going to get dropped."

In another message to McIlroy, Harrison also said "When Les rang Jacko, Bryn called Stu - just said go to the station" - in a reference again to Les Kiss, and to the Ulster Rugby team coach Bryn Cunningham.

Later in the day, when police have been in touch with McIlory, he messages Harrison to inform him he has to go to Musgrave Street station.

Harrison replied "I'd say leave your phone."

While the complainant was telling one friend "so I got raped by 3 Ulster f*****g scum", and saying she's not going to go to the police because "they'll say it was consensual ... I was up for it, stupid little girl now regretting it", the men she has accused of attacking her were involved in a WhatsApp conversation.

In this group chat, Olding says "We are all top shaggers", Jackson comments "there was a lot of spitroast going on last night lads" with Olding likening what happened to "like a merry-go-round at a carnival."

In a separate WhatsApp conversation with another friend, when Olding is asked at 10.10am on Tuesday June 28, 2016 - just hours after the incident - "how was she?", Olding answers at 10.57am "she was very very loose."

It also emerged during evidence that at 1.08pm that day, McIlroy posted a picture on a WhatsApp group called The Juicers which depicted him and three girls who attended the afterparty in Jackson's.

The image depicts McIlroy and the three friends either sitting on his knee or next to him. He captioned the image 'Love Belfast S***s.' And on 2.47pm that day, he send another WhatsApp message to a friend which said; "Pumped a bird with Jacko on Monday. Roasted her."

During the fifth week, the court also heard that a detective who investigated the rape allegations agreed there were "significant inconsistencies" between the complainant's accounts to police and doctors at a rape referral centre.

Earlier the detective constable, attached to the Police Service of Northern Ireland's (PSNI) rape crime unit, had been asked to explain why "crucial questions" were not put to the complainant.

Mr O'Donoghue suggested the absence of "important detail" was "crucial to the evaluation to ever put Mr Olding on trial".

The officer, who has 20 years' experience, replied: "She gave us the detail of what she had and the detail she could give at the time."

During the course of her first ABE interview two days after the alleged rape in June 2016, clarity was not sought about the oral sex allegation, it was suggested.

Mr O'Donoghue said: "In terms of the detail of the oral sex allegation, were there not a number of fairly obvious questions that could have been asked?"

The officer replied: "The object of the ABE interview is not about asking questions. It's about them giving their account.

"It's about them being comfortable and about them telling us what has happened in their own words."

Week 6: Paddy Jackson takes the stand on the opening day of the defence case

Jackson told the court that after the nightclub he went home with his friends and three girls, who he did not know.

Jackson said he and the alleged victim kissed "passionately" on the edge of the bed until the alleged victim pulled away and asked if he knew her name.

"I didn't know her name. It was a bit embarrassing at the time. I got up and went downstairs. I wanted to be back in the party."

Jackson said back upstairs he and the female began to kiss.

"It was quite passionate. We were both kissing each other. It got a bit more passionate. When I was lying on the bed (she) was on top of me. She started to bite my lower lip. It was playful but pretty hard."

Jackson claimed the woman then performed oral sex on him. Olding then walked in he said.

"It was a bit embarrassing. I kind of smiled at him and waved at him. It was a bit stupid, kind of 'hi, look what's happening," he said.

Jackson said that Olding then came over.

"There was an interaction between them. Her attention went from me to Stuart. She performed oral sex on Stuart," he said.

Jackson said that as the woman performed a sexual act on Olding he pulled her trousers down to her thighs.

"I then started to touch her with my hands," he said.

He told the court that there was no penile intercourse because he could not find a condom.

"She asked for a condom. I looked in the bedside wardrobe and couldn't find one ... I continued to touch her with my hands," he said.

After Olding left the room Jackson said he and the woman lay in bed together.

"We lay in bed together. I presumed she would be staying the night. I was drunk, tired and I was so happy to be in my own bed. I think I may have fallen asleep," he said.

Jackson said he then saw the female getting dressed.

"It was getting light. She was at the bottom of the bed. I saw her getting dressed. I got up and pulled on some sweats. We said something to each other. I can't remember what.

"I assume I said 'Are you leaving?'"

When asked if he had known the alleged victim was upset leaving his house he said: "If I had seen she was upset I would have gone and checked on her. I didn't see her upset.

"The last thing I want is a girl crying leaving my house. I would have freaked out. The last thing I ever want is anyone leaving my house upset.

"I went to bed and had no idea she was upset."

During week six, the court also heard from Stuart Olding.

Mr Olding (24) said, during cross examination by Toby Hedworth QC, for the prosecution, that he was “in complete control of his actions”.

Mr Olding accepted that a 19-year-old woman would not have been a match for two professional rugby players if she had decided to resist.

“If she’d resisted or not wanted it I’d have had no problem with that. I wouldn’t have carried on.”

He denied his story that the woman had beckoned him into the bedroom without saying a word was “complete nonsense”.

Earlier, Mr Olding denied that he forced the woman to perform a sex act on him on his teammate’s Paddy Jackson’s bed.

He told his lawyer Frank O’Donoghue QC that nothing happened in Mr Jackson’s bedroom that made him think the alleged victim had not consented to what had taken place.

“If I thought that [she had not consented], nothing would have happened. Nothing would have started and nothing would have continued”, he said.

Asked by Mr O’Donoghue if he had forced the alleged victim to perform a sex act on him, either by what he did or said, Mr Olding replied: “I didn’t force her in any way”.

Mr Olding said that when he walked into Mr Jackson’s bedroom he saw Paddy and the woman “kissing on the bed”. Mr Jackson was on his back and the woman was on top of him.

He stood at the door and turned to leave.

He claimed the young woman turned around and held out her hand, as an invitation to stay.

“I did stay”, he told the jury.

The court heard that Mr Olding closed the door and walked to the far side of the bed, and started kissing the alleged victim, who was on the bed.

He said she was on her back, he was leaning over her and they were kissing “open mouths, with tongue”.

Mr Olding said he then lay down on the bed, and the woman was kneeling over him.

He said he wasn’t sure how his jeans became undone, but that “oral sex started happening”.

He said the act lasted “five or 10 minutes” and ended when he told the woman he was going to ejaculate.

Her hand was at the base of his penis at the time, he said.

The Ulster centre denied thrusting his hips during the sex act, and said his hands were by his side. “I touched the side of her face, maybe to move her hair back.”

He denied using his hands to pull the woman’s head towards his penis, or that he ordered her to take off her top, which she has claimed.

Asked by Mr O’Donoghue if he believed the woman had shown any reluctance to perform the sex act, Mr Olding replied: “Not at all”.

Mr O’Donoghue said the complainant told police that she was unsure if Mr Olding had had penetrative sex with her from behind. He denied this.

“I didn’t go near her bottom half at all”.

Mr Olding said he met Mr Harrison, Mr Jackson and Mr McIlroy for lunch later that day and “nothing was said to suggest the sex was not consensual”.

Asked by Mr O’Donoghue about a series of messages in a Whatsapp group sent later that day, which spoke of a “bit of a spit roast going on last night” and “top shaggers” and that it was “like a merry go round”, Mr Olding said the texts did not mean anything, that it was “nonsense”.

“I’m very embarrassed sitting here reading the messages. I’m certainly not proud about talking like that, but I did it, I have done it and I shouldn’t have done it.”

In the sixth week, the court also heard an update on the amount Stuart Olding drank on the night of the alleged rape.

Olding said he had 23 drinks: Eight cans of beer, four pints, two gin and tonics, five vodka and lemonades, three shots and a bottle of beer.

Blane McIlroy denies forcing himself on a woman who claimed she was raped by Jackson and Olding

Blane McIlroy told Belfast Crown Court that the woman had smiled at him when he walked in on her and Jackson in bed together.

The 26 year-old, of Royal Lodge Road, Belfast, who is charged with one count of exposure, was giving evidence in his own defence at the high-profile trial on Friday.

McIlroy denied that his version of what happened with the alleged victim was "preposterous".

Prosecution lawyer Toby Hedworth QC put to him: "Do you have any idea how preposterous your account of all this is?"

McIlroy replied: "I went to the police and told them the truth."

Mr Hedworth accused him of making up "false stories", adding: "Has the penny not dropped? Even your own friends are suggesting you have the story wrong."

McIlroy replied: "No, I've told the truth from the word go."

The prosecution said that McIlroy was charged with exposure and not rape and that had the alleged victim wanted to cause him harm she would have claimed he made her perform a sex act on him.

"If she wanted to cause you harm and had been involved in sexual activity with you she would simply have to say she was made to do things sexually," said Mr Hedworth.

He added: "She says you emerged in the door holding your penis wanting your slice of the action."

McIlroy said: "That never happened."

Earlier, Blane McIlroy told Belfast Crown Court that the woman had smiled at him when he walked in on her and Jackson in bed together.

"I went up and opened the door of Mr Jackson's room. I was fully clothed.

"I saw Paddy and (the woman) lying on the bed naked. I said 'Oh sorry' and then I went in," McIlroy told the court.

He added: "I said 'What have you two been up to tonight?' and she smiled.

"I sat down on the bed beside (her). She turned towards me and me and her were talking and we started kissing."

He was asked by his defence barrister Arthur Harvey QC if there had been any reluctance on the woman's part.

He replied: "No".

When asked if the kissing was mutual he replied "yes."

Mr Harvey then asked him: "Did you force yourself on her?"

He replied: "Not at all."

When asked if the woman had said "no" or "stop" McIlroy replied: "Never. No."

He told the court that the woman then put her hand down the waistband of his boxer shorts and performed a sex act on him.

McIlroy said he then left the room to find a condom and when he came back the woman was at the foot of bed getting dressed and Jackson was lying in the bed.

"I said I couldn't find a condom. She said 'it's fine. It's late.' She said 'I don't usually have one night stands'," McIlroy said.

He claimed that the woman continued to get dressed and then she went downstairs and left in a taxi with co-accused Rory Harrison.

McIlroy said the alleged victim was not upset when she left the house.

When asked what his reaction had been when he found out Jackson and Olding had been arrested, he said: "I was shocked. I knew they had been out the night before. I just wanted to make sure they had a solicitor or someone to advise them. I was just in shock."

He was also asked about text and WhatsApp messages - specifically a message he posted alongside a picture of himself and three girls who attended an afterparty at Jackson's which he captioned 'Love Belfast S***s.'

Telling the jury of eight men men and three woman he posted the message to a WhatsApp group called 'The Juicers' which consists of friends from America, McIlroy said "I was just being stupid. It was a foolish comment to make and the obviously weren't"

McIlroy was asked about a text he received from Harrison, who took the woman home in a taxi and who told his friend McIlroy she was "in hysterics ... wasn't going to end well".

When Mr Harvey asked his client "what was your reaction to that?", McIlroy answered: "I didn't, I honestly didn't take it seriously. I saw (the woman) leave and I knew she was not in hysterics."

He also rejected the suggestion that he, Jackson, Harrison and Olding met at a cafe the next day to "concoct a lying account of what happened."

McIlroy denies the charge against him.

The trial continues next week for the seventh week.

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