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River cruise fall claim settled


Irene Flood leaving the High Court in Dublin yesterday

Irene Flood leaving the High Court in Dublin yesterday

Irene Flood leaving the High Court in Dublin yesterday

A woman who claimed she tripped over an uneven carpet on a stairs in a river cruiser and fractured her wrist has settled a High Court action for damages.

Irene Flood (48), who works as a company secretary, said she looked at the carpet after her fall and claimed there was "a kink in it".

Ms Flood was seven days into a 10-day cruising holiday with her partner and his two children on the Shannon when the alleged incident occurred.

Ms Flood from Kilanerin, Gorey, Co Wexford sued Silverline Cruisers Ltd of Main Street, Banagher, Co Offaly, as a result of the alleged accident on July 10, 2010 as she went down the stairs to go to the toilet.

She said: "I tripped on the carpet and fell down the steps. I was lucky I was wearing my life jacket because it protected me. I was nearly passing out with pain." She claimed Silverline provided a boat for hire which was unsafe. She alleged the carpet was loose and uneven.

Silverline denied the claims and its counsel said it did not accept Ms Flood fell down the steps. It was also contended the carpet was industrial standard, and there was nothing dangerous or wrong with it.

The company claimed if Ms Flood fell, there was contributory negligence on her part as the boat was liable to be in motion.

Under cross-examination, Ms Flood agreed she got €25,000 for a foot injury in 2005 and €29,000 for an injury to the left wrist in 2008 after a hotel fall.

Ms Flood agreed she still had problems with her left wrist at the time of the 2010 accident.

Mr Justice Anthony Barr was asked to allow the parties time to talk and he was later told the matter was settled and could be struck out.

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