Sunday 15 December 2019

Revellers 'shoving drugs down throats' at tragic party


REVELLERS were shoving cocaine down their throats with their hands at a party where two men collapsed and later died in hospital, a court heard yesterday.

The mother of one of the men who died has denied she allowed drugs to be sold or handed out at the party which was held in her house.

Betty Grey (48), of 215 Ballybeg Square in Waterford city, pleaded not guilty at Carlow Circuit Court yesterday to permitting the sale, supply or distribution of cocaine at her home on November 25, 2007.

The court heard partygoers "started dropping in convulsions" and began "frothing at the mouth" after taking a "grey-white substance" which was shared by people attending the party.


John Grey (23) died in hospital 16 days after he fell into a coma in the early hours of November 25.

Another man, Kevin Doyle (21), of 178 Viewmount, Dunmore Road, Waterford, also died in hospital following the party at Mrs Grey's house.

Prosecution barrister Noel Whelan told a jury it is the State's case that "Mrs Grey knew cocaine was being consumed and that she permitted the drug to be handed out at the party".

Mr Whelan said a party started in Mrs Grey's house at around 1am following her son Mark's 21st birthday party at the Ultimate Bar in Waterford.

The court heard "cocaine was available freely" and that at about 4.30am people started "dropping in convulsions" and that four or five people were rushed to hospital in a collapsed state "frothing at the mouth".

One partygoer, Stephen O'Sullivan, gave evidence he saw a bag of cocaine "like candle wax" on the kitchen table and said, "fellahs were shovin' it down their throats with their hands".


Another man, Paul Swift said he saw one man "fall off the stairs and land in the hall" and that "people started collapsing around the house".

Mr Swift said he saw a bag of "pasty white material" on the kitchen table. He said he also saw Mrs Grey in the kitchen with about 20 other people.

Michelle Kelly said about 15 people were taking the white powder in a bedroom upstairs and that Mrs Grey was not present upstairs when the drugs were being taken.

Claire Cassidy (24) appeared before the court on a related charge yesterday and denied permitting the sale, supply or distribution of amphetamine at her house at 103 Ardmore Park, Ballybeg, Waterford on the same date.

The trial continues today.

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