Tuesday 17 September 2019

Pub boss torn by divided loyalties

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Ray Managh

The manager of a famed Dublin GAA pub was spared from having to give evidence in a defamation case in which his brother had sued the pub owner and the manager's boss, Paul Gaffney, for damages of up to €75,000.

Rugby coach Patrick Young, of Beaupark Crescent, Clongriffin, Dublin, had sued the owner of Gaffney's in Fairview, Dublin, where his brother, Gary, is manager and "a respected member of staff".

Niall Flynn, barrister for Patrick, had called Gary to the witness box to give evidence in his brother's claim he had been defamed by a member of Gaffney's staff on July 10, 2017.

Following administration of the oath to Gary, the Circuit Court President, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, drew a temporary halt to the proceedings and said he had been told the witness, Gary, was a respected member of the staff.

"Is there any point at this time of inviting the parties to take a few minutes to see if they can resolve this matter," Judge Groarke said.

Patrick Young, a 39-year-old father of four, had told the Circuit Civil Court that on the 16th anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Amy, they both attended Gaffney's for a celebratory drink.

He told Mr Flynn that barman Mick Whelan had told both he and his wife they would not be served and that he was barred for life because he "had a beef" with Paul Gaffney.

A full denial and defence to the defamation claims had been entered on behalf of the defendants Vincent and Paul Gaffney.

The court was later told the issues had been resolved, and proceedings could be withdrawn without any further orders.

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