Sunday 21 January 2018

Police were called in when children were taken from Martens

Molly Martens
Molly Martens
Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

Police officers were called in to assist in removing the two Irish stepchildren of murder accused Molly Martens Corbett from her care.

The dramatic scenes were outlined in legal documents filed by lawyers for Ms Martens.

In the papers, Ms Martens (32) was said to be in "shock and despair" and was given no advance notice by a court of what was about to happen.

She brought the children to live at her brother's home, some 150km away from where they had been living, following the killing of their father, Jason Corbett, on August 2 last.

After his death, she applied for guardianship and adoption of the children, but this was opposed by Mr Corbett's family. They claim he had refused to allow her to adopt them due to concerns he had about her behaviour.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) in North Carolina picked up the children on August 17. They were later returned to Ireland and are now being cared for by Mr Corbett's sister, Tracey Lynch, and her husband David.

Records released in the aftermath of the guardianship dispute show Ms Martens complained bitterly about the manner in which the children were taken from her.

She claimed a judge who ordered DSS officials to retrieve the children instructed that she was not to be informed in advance.

The judge's order came just days after he heard testimony from Mrs Lynch alleging Ms Martens had been violent towards one of the children and was obsessed with them identifying her as "mom".

Mrs Lynch testified that the children needed to be protected from their stepmother due to alleged bouts of violent and erratic behaviour.

Lawyers for Ms Martens claimed that "without any notice" a department official accompanied by police officers arrived at the house. The youngest child Sarah (9) was riding her bicycle and the eldest Jack (11) was in the house with Ms Martens, they said.

The children were taken away in ten minutes or less.

It was claimed Ms Martens was still in her bathing suit while Jack Corbett "was not even given time to put on a pair of shoes".

After the children were returned to Ireland, a further dispute ensued over the return of their belongings and this was only resolved earlier this week.

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