Friday 20 September 2019

'No other rational hypothesis' than Quirke's guilt, claims prosecution

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Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

Bobby Ryan was murdered by somebody who presented with the information and the knowledge possessed cumulatively by one person - Patrick Quirke, the prosecution has argued.

Michael Bowman SC told the jury that Mr Quirke was guilty of the murder of DJ Bobby Ryan because there was "no other rational hypothesis".

Mr Quirke (50), of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Ryan (52), a part-time DJ known as Mr Moonlight, on a date between June 3, 2011, and April 2013

The jury has heard that while Mr Quirke claimed he was "always afraid of Mary Lowry", he had pursued her after Mr Ryan disappeared "as if Bobby Ryan had never entered the picture".

Continuing his closing speech to the jury, Mr Bowman asked if it was a coincidence that the notes found on an A4 sheet of paper retrieved from Mr Quirke's study were "a template" for what he suggested he told gardaí in an interview.

"This is Mr Quirke engaging in a narrative in terms of what he wants to communicate about Mary Lowry," Mr Bowman claimed.

Mr Quirke had suggested to gardaí that he could have covered in the tank with "a mound of earth".

However, Mr Bowman claimed there was no way he could have done this without attracting attention - and said it could have caused problems if the next person who leased the property was a dairy farmer who wanted to use the pit. "They'll need a run-off tank and then, lo and behold, they'll say 'isn't it much easier to dig out the old tank' and they find the remains - that's a whole other kettle of fish," he said.

"That is the position he found himself in and why I suggest he discovered it himself," Mr Bowman said.

He asked the jury if it was "a coincidence" that the same man who has "conducted searches for body decomposition stretching back to July 25, 2012", who knows of the existence of the run-off pit and has unrestricted access to it, is the one man who "prises open the lid of the tank and discovers the decomposing, naked body with a crushed skull, broken leg and broken ribs".

"Is that coincidence or is that an affront to common sense?" asked Mr Bowman.

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