Friday 22 November 2019

Nevin's conviction 'does not prove guilt'

Catherine Nevin
Catherine Nevin

Tim Healy

Catherine Nevin's conviction for murdering her husband Tom does not actually amount to proof of her guilt, her legal team have claimed in a long-running battle over his estate.

Tom Nevin's mother Nora initiated proceedings in November 1997 seeking that Nevin be disinherited, but more than two decades later the saga continues.

Now the Supreme Court must decide whether Nevin's murder conviction can be relied on by his family in their bid to ensure her estate does not benefit from his.

Coleman Fitzgerald SC said Nevin always denied involvement in her husband's murder and had intended to give evidence to that effect in the civil proceedings.

He argued that a conviction order is proof only that a person was "found guilty" and was not proof of their guilt. In that context, the conviction order amounted to "hearsay".

Nevin earned the moniker 'The Black Widow' after she was convicted of the March 1996 murder at Jack White's Inn in Brittas, Co Wicklow. She died in a hospice last February having been given compassionate temporary release.

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