Tuesday 24 September 2019

My son took family home from me - Quirke's mum told radio show

Pat Quirke. Photo: Collins
Pat Quirke. Photo: Collins

Robin Schiller and Shane Phelan

The mother of convicted murderer Pat Quirke told how her son wouldn't hand over the family home following her husband's death.

Eileen was married to Patrick Quirke Senior (known as PJ) for almost 40 years. She thought she would own the family home until she died, but it ended up in her son Pat's name.

In 2005, she rang Joe Duffy's 'Liveline' programme on RTÉ Radio One to describe how she felt hard done-by.

Pat Quirke (50) was this week convicted of the murder of the part-time DJ Bobby Ryan, known as 'Mr Moonlight', following a marathon 15-week trial.

Duffy yesterday returned to the interview broadcast in February of 2005.

Eileen told how when her husband died, after decades of marriage, she expected to continue to own the house.

But she said when she raised her grievances over the house "he said no way, just no way".

She said her other children were "devastated" at this turn of events.

"No more than myself, we never thought anything would happen like that," she said.

"He did say that if you end up in a nursing home, mam I'll let the house and that money can go towards paying for you.

"That was fair enough I suppose (but) if I had pursued it within the due time, I would probably have got the house, I was told."


She agreed that this was "absolutely" the house she had contributed so much to, and it wasn't a gift. She agreed she had put 40 years of her life in it.

"So my advice to anybody would be please, get your own legal advice and make sure you know what you're signing up to," she added.

Duffy said that Eileen had contacted 'Liveline' several times since about various issues.

He said that he wanted to clarify that matters had since improved in terms of the row over the house.

Eileen Quirke was given a right to reside at a different house in Tipperary, which was owned by her son Pat and his wife Imelda Quirke, for the rest of her life in 2008.

When the Irish Independent attempted to contact Eileen Quirke, a young male relative said that she would not be commenting.

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