Monday 20 November 2017

'My son is a liar. I only gave him a cuddle and kiss goodnight'

Father denies abuse charges

Ciaran Byrne

"All I ever did was give him a kiss goodnight and a cuddle," insisted the father.

It was the moment he took the stand for the first time in a trial where he stands accused of 47 counts of rape and sexual assault.

The man rejected what he'd heard so far in the Central Criminal Court, including evidence from his own son of being regularly raped.

Was he calling his son, now a 20-year-old man, a liar asked prosecutor Delia Flynn.

"Everything he said was a lie," said the man. "What I am being accused of here, you wouldn't do to an animal," he exclaimed.

His son had never had any reason to be afraid of him and he repeated his claim he would only ever kiss the boy goodnight.

These were innocent times, not the childhood from hell as described in the son's evidence about what happened. Did he do more than just give a kiss, did he ever wake the boy up, did he ever rape him, asked defence counsel David Goldberg. "I never sexually abused him, never," said the 52-year-old as the jury looked on.

The barrister paused momentarily before commencing his final exchange with his client.

"I intend to ask you these four questions," said the barrister ... "Did you at any time fondle (the boy's) genitalia?"

"No," replied the man.

"Did you practise oral sex on him?"

"Never," said the man.

"Did you offer him money?"


"Did you anally rape him?"

"No," replied the man. "I would never do anything like that, ever," he repeated as Mr Goldberg looked at the jury.


His son claims he endured a childhood dominated by sexual assaults on a weekly basis.

Earlier in the trial it was alleged the father raped him sometimes up to twice a week in the family home.

Not so, claimed the father -- the boy's childhood included plenty of father and son fishing trips, excursions to soccer matches and games of pool.

He claims he enjoyed a close relationship with his son. "It was very good, excellent," said the man.

But things had suddenly changed and he didn't know why. "His (the boy's) attitude changed overnight. He would fly off the handle immediately ... throw things at you," said the father. But how could he account for this sudden ending of a supposedly excellent relationship, asked Ms Flynn.

The man said if someone was doing what was alleged to him, he would get as far away as possible.

But where, asked Ms Flynn, would a child go?

"Anywhere, I would get help as soon as possible," said the man.

Did he accept it was difficult for his son to make the allegations? Did he think his son found it easy to give his evidence in court?

"He seemed to get through it easily, lying his way through it," said the father.

Ms Flynn asked him if he though it was easy for his son to tell lies, he replied: "Seems to be, everything he said was a lie"

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denies 11 charges of anal rape; 12 charges of oral rape; 24 charges of sexual assault and a charge of neglecting the then 12-15-year old boy between April 11, 2001 and June 23, 2004.

The case continues.

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