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My life is hell, says Bog Hotel neighbour

THE brother of the owner of the so-called Bog Hotel has claimed his life has been made hell since the 'shebeen' opened next door to his home four years ago.

Pensioner Tommy Brogan (68) revealed in court yesterday how hooded men raided his home and threatened him during a night drinking at the Bog Hotel near Frosses in the Bluestack mountains in Co Donegal.

"I was terrified that night. I have been terrified for the past four years ever since the Bog Hotel started operating," he told Donegal District Court.

Mr Brogan added that his wife has to keep the door locked 24 hours a day when he is away.

James Boyle (21), of Meenahalla, Glenties, was jailed for four months when he admitted trespass likely to cause fear to others at Tommy Brogan's home on November 20 last year.

The court heard four hooded men called and threatened Tommy Brogan while his wife, Pamela, was out babysitting.

Sgt John McFadden, who responded to a call from the house, said: "I found Tommy Brogan very distressed. He was very agitated."

The sergeant told the court he went to a neighbouring premises known as the Bog Hotel where he spoke to four young men who denied being at Tommy Brogan's house.

Meanwhile, Mr Brogan's wife returned. She heard a knock at the door but there was nobody there when she answered.

Sgt McFadden said he heard voices around the corner and found two hooded males who were known to him. One of them, Boyle, was before the court. The other had gone to Australia.

The court heard there was some difficulty between Tommy Brogan and his brother Patsy (73), the owner of the Bog Hotel.

Boyle, not attached to either family, had joined the hooded raid in a childish manner, his defence claimed.


At no stage was there any suggestion in the evidence that Bog Hotel owner Patsy Brogan knew of the hooded raids.

Judge Kevin Kilrane, who heard that fisheries board worker Boyle had previous convictions for theft and burglary, said he didn't agree it was a childish act.

He said: "He approached this house, hooded, and terrified the occupant. He is a serial offender and a danger to older people."

Patsy Brogan, who shares his home with blonde Polish beauty Daria Weiske (31), was cleared by a court a year ago of running an illegal bar in his converted shed.

He told that court he didn't charge for drink and the judge found the converted shed was not unlike private bars in homes across the country.

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