Sunday 25 February 2018

Murder victim begged for mercy as prostitute wife stabbed him 60 times

Niamh O'Donoghue

A CHILLING eight-minute phone call to emergency services by a husband begging for mercy as his wife knifed him to death provided gardai with a live recording of Tanya Doyle's brutal crime.

She ignored his pleas and stabbed him more than 60 times at his Tallaght home.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old prostitute was sentenced to life after being convicted of murdering her 48-year-old husband Paul Byrne at his address, Pairc Gleann Trasna, Aylesbury, Tallaght, on September 4, 2009.

During the 999 call, which was played to the jury at the start of the trial, Mr Byrne was first heard saying: "Hello. My wife is stabbing me," as he gave details of his address to an operator.

The call went on: "She's stabbing me... hello my wife is stabbing me, she's trying to kill me, she's knocking the door down."

He is then heard saying: "Don't kill me, I didn't do anything to you."


A woman's voice is then heard saying: "Ya did, it's all over."

Then Mr Byrne is heard saying "I do love ya, I'm dying, don't do this, don't do this to me."

Finally, he is heard pleading: "Please Tanya, don't. Tanya stop. Let me die, let me die here."

When Doyle discovered the phone had not been hung up she ended the call immediately.

When the emergency services arrived at the scene, Doyle said she had been provoked.

She claimed her husband took €900 out of her account every month when she worked at an escort agency.

When asked if she meant to stab him so many times, she replied: "I did yeah cos I wasn't going to be done for attempted murder, cos I could have had a fresh start with decent money.

"He wouldn't sign the house over."

Asked by gardai if she was sorry, she replied: "No, I'm really not, because of what he did."

The defence had claimed that Doyle, who denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the the grounds of diminished responsibility, suffered from a psychiatric disorder.

The court heard that the accused, who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, had told a psychiatrist she had been caned by solicitors and businessmen for €20 a strike as a prostitute and this had left her suffering a lot of pain.


She later set up an escort business and had up to a dozen women working for her.

Earlier in proceedings, the jury was told that Doyle had previously stabbed Mr Byrne in 2006 but wasn't prosecuted over the incident.

Doyle bought two knives and a packet of jelly babies in Heatons the day before the stabbing.

She had been hospitalised on 15 occasions over a 10-year period, and told a psychiatrist in 2000 that she was going to stab her husband and plead insanity. She also told a doctor that she was not happy with the outcome of a court case regarding the house.

Doyle told gardai that her husband, from whom she was separated, did not want her to have a life without him and he stopped giving her money.

Professor Harry Kennedy, of the Central Mental Hospital, said he did not believe a mental disorder played a major part in the killing.

However, consultant psychiatrist Dr Paul O 'Connell said the accused's schizoaffective disorder would diminish her responsibility for the killing.

But the jury was unanimous and found Doyle guilty of murder. As Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan handed down the mandatory life sentence, Doyle nodded and replied: "Okay, your honour."

The judge backdated the sentence to September 4, 2009 for time spent in custody.

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