Tuesday 16 January 2018

Murder accused was 'stoned'

Screwdriver killer tells court of day-long binge

Natasha Reid

A MAN who has admitted killing two Polish men spent that day drinking and taking drugs. David Curran claimed that he was "out of his head" when he stabbed them in the head with a screwdriver.

He said he attacked them because one of the men shouted at him and he thought that they had stabbed his father.

Pawel Kalite (28) and Marius Szwajkos (27) died after being stabbed in their heads with a screwdriver outside their home on Benbulben Road, Drimnagh, Dublin, on February 23, 2008.

David Curran (19), of Lissadel Green in Drimnagh, has pleaded not guilty to murdering them but guilty to their manslaughter. His plea has not been accepted by the State.

Yesterday, he described events on the Saturday when he killed the two men.

"I went out about 10 o'clock that morning to the off-licence," he told the Central Criminal Court. "I got a bottle of vodka and a few cans. I went to the canal, to the locks."

He said he was joined there by two teenage girls, three boys and his co-accused, Seán Keogh (21) of Vincent Street West, Inchicore, Dublin. Mr Keogh has pleaded not guilty to the double murder.

"We were drinking the vodka, smoking hash and swimming," Mr Curran said of the next hour or two. "We had a few tablets, Roche D5s."

He said they then moved to a field at St Michael's Estate.

He found a screwdriver and two bottles of wine and a bike that he took for a spin. He kept the screwdriver to be used for breaking into factories.


"I got a phone call to tell me that my dad got stabbed in the chest and to go to the chipper," Mr Curran said. "I was angry. I just ran to the chipper."

His barrister, Giollaiosa O Lideadha, asked if the drugs and alcohol had an effect.

"Yeah, I was out of my head on it," he said. "I was stoned.

"I was roaring: 'Who stabbed me Da?'," he said. "I ran up the road because there were people screaming that they're up there," he said.

"There was a man and a woman at a gate and another man at the porch door in the same garden," he recalled.

"I was directed that it was them. I was screaming, 'Was it yous?' and the bald man was screaming back in his own language. The girl was trying to push him back from coming towards me, so I went towards him and stabbed him."

Mr Curran said the second man then came towards him.

"He jumped over the railings. It made me go mad. So I stabbed him too as he was coming over the railings."

Mr Curran said he lost control.

Under cross-examination, Mr Curran denied being told that it was someone else who was in the first fight outside the chipper and not his father.

This was despite him having told the gardai this and a witness telling the same story at the trial.

He agreed that the Polish man did not move towards him before he stabbed him.

"You were going to attack him anyway. You were looking for him," suggested barrister John O'Kelly.

"I'm not sure," Mr Curran replied.

The prosecuting barrister suggested: "You headed down Benbulben Road with the screwdriver in your hand after attacking the car. You were going up, looking for a fight with someone. You were going to use the screwdriver."

"Yeah," replied the defendant.

The trial continues.

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