Wednesday 18 September 2019

Mum of tragic girl shocked as 'evil' Martin uses her death as excuse

Michael Martin was jailed for attempting to abduct a young girl
Michael Martin was jailed for attempting to abduct a young girl
Sandra Doyle (4) drowned

Adam Cullen

The family of an innocent little girl who was tragically killed in a drowning accident over 25 years ago has branded sick child snatcher Michael Martin as an "evil monster" for trying to use her death as an excuse for his slew of violent crimes.

The convicted sex-offender was handed a 13-year jail term on Thursday after he snatched an 11-year-old girl and bundled her into a stolen jeep in front of her younger twin brothers.

The family of another young girl who suffered horrific sexual abuse while under 10 years of age at the hands of Martin has said "he should never see the light of day again".

When sentencing the sex-offender at Portlaoise Circuit Court this week, Judge Keenan Johnson said Martin - who has over 92 previous convictions - was deeply affected by the death of a young playmate when he was just 11 years old.

On August 30, 1990, little Sandra Doyle (4) tragically drowned in a council septic tank in Glencor, Co Wicklow.

The tot had been playing near her home in Mallen Wood estate when the heartbreaking accident occurred.

However, Sandra's heartbroken mother Margaret Doyle (47) has said others witnessed the horrific event, and they "turned out just fine".

"We had no knowledge that this would be used in his defence. It sickens us to the core to hear this.

"The first we learnt about it was from my son Keith. He works in the local shop and saw the report in the paper. It is heartbreaking," she said.

"Michael was never a playmate or friends with Sandra, she was only four he was 11. His younger sister was friends with our little girl - she lost her little friend but managed to grow up to be a fine and decent member of society," she said.

"To think that the death of our little angel has been put on public record and is now associated with the deranged acts of such an evil monster has left us speechless. It is disgraceful; it had never even crossed our minds that he would even think of it," she said.

"We are stunned."

Mrs Doyle added that Martin had demons long before Sandra's death and said he was always a "troublesome, devious child".

Martin's legal team had also claimed the death of Martin's first girlfriend by suicide, while she was pregnant with their child, resulted in him suffering chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, the family member of another young girl who suffered horrific sexual abuse while under 10 years of age at the hands of Martin have said "he should never see the light of day again".


"What he did to our family is unforgivable. What he did to [loved one] is unforgivable. She never got over it. We never got over it. We had to leave our family home.

"He should have never been let out of jail for it in the first place.

"To think that he could be free now again when he is 45-years-old is heartbreaking.

"The judge said the attack in Laois was an attack on family life. This man has been doing that since he was 16. Yet he is still allowed in the street.

"They are now another family who have to move because of this monster."

Martin (36), of Shandon Court, Yellow Road, Waterford, is currently housed on the G Division of the Midlands Prison alongside sadistic killer Graham Dwyer.

The depraved sex beast, who was caged in 1999 for sexual assaulting and abducting another young girl, claims to have been attacked in jail.

His latest attempt to snatch the young girl in Laois in March was scuppered by the bravery of one of her young brothers, who clung onto the side of the vehicle and punched Martin continuously as he tried to drive away while the boy's sister made her getaway.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, the boy had the presence of mind to check the jeep's registration number.

Judge Johnson said a detailed forensic psychological report on Martin, a father of two originally from Wicklow, concluded he was at high risk of re-offending.

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