Thursday 22 February 2018

Mum loses claim against Ann Summers party pub

Sylvia Deehan outside court
Sylvia Deehan outside court

Ray Managh

A 44-YEAR-OLD mother of two who claimed she broke one of her ribs when she was knocked down at an Ann Summers lingerie party has lost a €38,000 damages claim against the pub where the party was held.

Sylvia Deehan, of Maple Avenue, Ballybrack, Dublin, alleged she had been pushed by another woman who was striving to grab one of the gifts tossed in the air by an Ann Summers rep in The Lough Inn at Loughlinstown, Co Dublin.

She told Judge Jacqueline Linnane in the Circuit Civil Court that just prior to a strip show she and a friend, Kim Kane, had been bursting balloons between their bodies.

And, although they won the game, the Ann Summers lady decided to throw gifts towards both of them as well as runners-up.

Ms Deehan said she had been shoved aside and had fallen against the leg of a loud speaker, breaking one rib and injuring several others.

Her sister took her to hospital that night, and she spent a fortnight in bed recovering from her injuries.

Barrister Conor Kearney told her it seemed very odd that none of the staff had seen her fall and that she had not reported it to anyone. She denied she had been asked to leave the party because she had become over boisterous.

Pub manager Leigh Murphy, daughter of the pub owner Christy Murphy, told Mr Kearney she had viewed CCTV video evidence of the evening and nowhere could she see Ms Deehan fall.

Unfortunately, CCTV evidence of the night had been copied over. Ms Murphy said that Ms Kane told her, in a signed statement made at Ms Kane's home, that she had not seen Ms Deehan fall.

Ms Kane later wanted to retract the statement, saying she made it because her husband at the time pressurised her not to become involved because he feared he would be barred from the pub which was local.

Judge Linnane, dismissing Ms Deehan's claim with costs against her, said there had been a direct conflict of evidence between witnesses for both parties.

Ms Kane had said in her statement she had not seen Ms Deehan fall but had stated in evidence in court that she had.

The judge said she preferred the evidence of witnesses for the publican who had claimed Ms Deehan had been boisterous and had been asked to leave the party.

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