Tuesday 23 January 2018

Motorist convicted of drink-driving 26 times in just four years

Treacy Hogan

A MIDDLE-AGED man has been caught for drink-driving a staggering 26 times in the past four years.

Almost 150 others have been nabbed as many as ten times, gardai disclosed today.

And Irish drivers account for three-quarters of all repeat drink-drive offenders caught by gardai and convicted, followed by Latvians ( 34.4pc ) and (Lithuanians 34.2pc).

More than 300 drink drivers were drunk behind the wheel at least four times between 2008 and last month, according to the Garda report on recidivist drink drivers released at Garda Traffic HQ in Dublin Castle today.

An analysis of 61,874 drink drivers over the four-year period from 2008 until the start of this month found that while 48,202 had committed just one offence, others were repeat offenders.

Shocking statistics show one driver was convicted 26 times in the four years for drink-driving, five offenders had ten more drink drive offences, a further 145 were linked to between five and nine detections.

A further 4,580 were caught twice, 873 drivers three times, 249 motorists had four convictions for drink-driving, 87 were nabbed five times, and 63 had six or more offences.

And while the number of drink-driving offences has more than halved in four years, the report reveals that a significant number of cases involved a male driver, aged 23-32 caught with more than twice the new 50mg legal alcohol limit.

Half of male drink drivers aged 38-47 had more than three times the alcohol limit.

While the number of checkpoints has risen by 3pc, there has been a steady drop in the numbers arrested for drink-driving – down from 19,848 during 2008 to 8,747 at the start of this month.

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