Tuesday 19 March 2019

Monk’s nephew moans of his fear and isolation inside Cloverhill prison

Serial burglar Sam Hutch
Serial burglar Sam Hutch

Ken Foy

A court hearing in Carlow gave an insight into what life behind bars is like for the extended Hutch organised crime gang.

Before the local district court was a nephew of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, serial burglar Sam Hutch (42), who fled to the south-east because of threats to his life in the capital.

He pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and trespass and was jailed for seven months for the offences carried out in the town on May 25.

During the hearing it emerged that Hutch, from Finglas, who has almost 100 previous convictions, was on 24-hour lock-up for his own protection in the so-called “Hutch” landing of Cloverhill Prison.

His solicitor told the court he was so threatened he couldn’t leave his cell and was suffering from “isolation” issues.

He also said that Hutch had no chance of completing a drug rehabilitation programme because of security issues in the jail.

The court heard that Hutch had lost friends and close family members because of the “situation they were in”.

His life was “blighted by heroin” and he was the “target of certain attention because of his surname”.

While describing Sam Hutch’s recent life as “extremely difficult”, reference was made to the fact his cousin Derek Coakley Hutch (27) was shot dead outside Wheatfield Prison in January. Also referred to was the death by suicide of his sister’s partner Glen O’Toole (39), who killed himself in Cloverhill Prison last October while on remand for serious firearms charges linked to the Finglas feud.

Jail bosses made the decision to house members of the Hutch mob in protection sections at Wheatfield and Cloverhill because of the constant threat from the rival Kinahan cartel.

Among these are Sam Hutch’s cousins including Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch (33), a convicted killer serving sentences for manslaughter, firearms and armed robberies and Nathan Coakley Hutch (25), an armed robber.

Sam Hutch was described in court as being in “a very bad position health-wise”, and someone who wanted to go to Italy for a rehab programme.

He pleaded guilty to burglaries at a pub and jewellery store in Carlow as well as trespassing at another pub in the town.

He was busted after a four-hour manhunt by local gardai.

At a separate court hearing in Dublin Circuit Court two years ago, at which Hutch was given a two-and-a-half-year term for burglary, evidence was given that he was not allowed visitors or to mingle with other prisoners and couldn’t access prison facilities or courses due to those arrangements.

The court heard there was an “environment of fear and tension” and Hutch was “isolated” and “extremely lonely”.

It also emerged that he was close to his cousin Gary Hutch, who was shot dead by the Kinahan cartel in February 2016 – the first of 18 murders in the capital’s deadly feud.

However, counsel said he was “a completely different character” who was not associated with the “brand of criminality” of other members of his family.

The court heard that Hutch had fallen into drug addiction at 16 years old and offended to feed his habit.

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