Friday 24 November 2017

Model's brother avoids jail time for garda assault

Model Faye Dinsmore ..KOB...22/3/11
Model Faye Dinsmore ..KOB...22/3/11
William Dinsmore arrives to the Circuit Court in Donegal Town. Photo: Jason McGarrigle

Paddy Clancy

AN older brother of top Irish international model Faye Dinsmore has been given a community service sentence for assaulting a garda sergeant after he was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

The judge told William Dinsmore (43) that he was suspending the two-year jail term as the accused has a young family. Dinsmore, who spent three days in custody until yesterday morning, was given 200 hours' community service instead.

He and his sister, who was not linked to the case in any way, are from opposite ends of a family of 14. Faye (24), a catwalk queen across the globe, is the second-youngest in the family.

Her brother had been in custody since Tuesday to allow Judge John O'Hagan to decide sentence. Dinsmore, a father of two of Glasbolie, Ballintra, Co Donegal, was found guilty by a jury in March of assaulting Sgt Iggy Larkin of the south Donegal Traffic Corps and attempting to escape prosecution.

The judge told him yesterday that he took a very poor view of Dinsmore's behaviour near his home at Glasbolie on February 20, 2010.

The gardai took a lot of trouble to look after him after his arrest for drink-driving and the result was that Sgt Larkin ended up in hospital for a considerable time.


The judge said he had every intention of sending Dinsmore to jail for longer than the three days he spent in there this week, but in view of the fact he had a young family he was imposing community service instead.

Earlier this week, the court heard that the assault happened after Dinsmore was being taken home by Sgt Larkin and Garda Elaine Gordon following his arrest for drink-driving.

Sgt Larkin was knocked down an embankment at the defendant's home and was brought to hospital for treatment. He sustained cuts and bruising to his head and face and a dislocated thumb and had to remain out of work for several weeks.

At the March hearing, Dinsmore was fined €3,000 for drink-driving and banned from driving for two years.

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