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Mobile phone records 'will be crucial in case'


Vartry Resevoir where Elaine O'Hara's belongings were discovered

Vartry Resevoir where Elaine O'Hara's belongings were discovered

Vartry Resevoir where Elaine O'Hara's belongings were discovered

RECORDS of mobile phone texts, including those extracted from two phones found at the bottom of a Wicklow Reservoir, will form a substantial portion of the State's case against Graham Dwyer, the jury was told.

State prosecuting counsel Sean Guerin told the Central Criminal Court yesterday that the text messages "told the story of their relationship".

He said that the content of the messages showed that Mr Dwyer and Ms O'Hara had a sexual relationship and that relationship was "an unusual one" which involved BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism).

He said that the text messages would show that an essential part of that sexual relationship were acts of stabbing.

"A central feature of it was that acts of stabbing were committed by Graham Dwyer on Elaine O'Hara," said Mr Guerin.

It was clear from the texts that he did on occasion stab her, Mr Guerin continued.

It also appeared from the messages that there had been a discussion years earlier about Ms O'Hara being suicidal and there had been incidents of self-harm. Mr Guerin said that it appeared "if she were suicidal, Elaine O'Hara might allow herself to be stabbed to death by Graham Dwyer".

One text allegedly sent by the accused said: "If you ever wanted to die, promise me I can do it" and the reply was: "Yes, I promise, sir."

Mr Guerin said there were texts between the pair in April 2011 when a stabbing was in the news, and Mr Dwyer said he'd wished he'd been there and seen the blood coming out of her.

The prosecutor said that Mr Dwyer later told Ms O'Hara his urge to rape, stab and kill was huge and that she had to help him "control or satisfy" it.


Mr Guerin said the messages turned to threats, warning that if she didn't help him find a victim she would suffer the consequences of being stabbed to death herself.

The State's counsel said Mr Dwyer had the perfect victim in Ms O'Hara, with her psychiatric history and her belief that they were meeting for just "another act of play" on the day of her murder.

"There was every reason for it to look like a suicide," Mr Guerin said.

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