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Mayor's son pleads guilty to violent sex assault on nurse in alleyway

A SON of the Mayor of Galway who violently sexually assaulted a nurse in a laneway, causing her severe head injuries, will be sentenced in June.

Brian Maher (24), of Clostoken, Loughrea, Co Galway, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault and assault causing harm on the October 16, 2010.

Maher is the son of current Galway County Mayor, Fine Gael's Michael Maher. Mr Maher declined to comment on the matter last night.

The Central Criminal Court heard that the 38-year-old victim was making her way home from a night out with friends in Galway city when Maher grabbed her by the neck, pulled her into an alleyway and hit her head off a wall and off the ground.

Witnesses living near the scene described seeing a woman lying on the ground struggling and screaming with a man crouched above her punching her repeatedly in the face and head.

The victim suffered a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone, vaginal bruising, abrasions and lacerations. Her tooth was knocked out and she briefly lost consciousness.

Garda David Clarke described seeing a woman bleeding heavily from the head in a very distressed state, with her jeans and underwear torn and pulled down her legs.

Maher was chased by Garda Gerard Morrissey, who said he was "extremely aggressive and pumped with adrenalin". The garda eventually pepper-sprayed him.

Maher, who had consumed alcohol and cocaine on the night, said the combination of drink and drugs made him "crazy".

Maher has been registered as a sex offender and remanded in custody until his sentencing on June 18.

Irish Independent