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Masked boy bit garda on arm during struggle to arrest him



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A garda was left bleeding from a bite mark on his arm after he went to arrest a masked youth in Dublin, a court has heard.

A 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Garda Simon Gerard in north Dublin on May 19, last year.

He was also found guilty of knife possession and obstructing gardaí, which he had denied, but he was cleared of a second less serious assault on another garda at the scene.

Judge Treasa Kelly remanded the youth on continuing bail to appear again at the Dublin Children's Court in five weeks. A pre-sentence probation report has to be prepared.

Gda Gerard told the court that he saw the teenager cycling while wearing a half balaclava mask covering his face.

He approached the teen who took off the mask but would not give a reason for wearing it, the court heard.

Gda Gerard said he saw the boy become agitated and nervous and he asked him his name.

He said the youth answered: "I don't have to give it to you" and walked away.

The garda asked what was in his bag. He said the boy aggressively asked why and if this was because of his ethnicity.

The garda told him the was going to carry out a drug search and informed him of the reasons for his suspicion.

He said the teen lashed out and said to "f**k off".

Members of the public would have been able to see the interaction, Gda Gerard told the court. He said the teenager kicked him, causing him to fall to the ground. Two more gardaí came to his aid, he said.

The teenager began to flail his arms and violently resisted arrest.

Gda Gerard said that as he tried to remove the satchel the teen bit into his left forearm. "It was a prolonged bite, for about five seconds, before he released of his own accord," he said.

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