Saturday 26 May 2018

Martens family disputes claims Molly was violent or a heavy drinker

Accused: Thomas Martens. Photo: Winston-Salem Journal
Accused: Thomas Martens. Photo: Winston-Salem Journal
The late Jason Corbett with his wife, Molly Martens, who has been charged in relation to his death. Photo: Brendan Gleeson
Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

A relative of US murder accused Molly Martens Corbett has hit out at claims she was a heavy drinker and a volatile mother.

Ely Martens told the Irish Independent that she disputes allegations made about her sister-in-law during a child guardianship court battle.

In a lengthy statement, she also claimed Ms Martens was the target of an obscene phonecall after she was implicated in the killing of her Irish-born husband Jason Corbett (39).

The comments came following the release last week of court papers containing claims made by Mr Corbett's sister Tracey Lynch about Ms Martens's alleged conduct.

The papers revealed Ms Lynch portrayed Ms Martens (32) as a violent fantasist who was a danger to her stepchildren. A number of alleged violent incidents were outlined, as well as claims Ms Martens would drink margaritas throughout the day, even when driving her two stepchildren.

A US judge sided with Ms Lynch and her husband David in the guardianship case and the two children now live with them in Ireland.

Ms Martens and her father Thomas (65) were last week charged with the murder of her Limerick-born husband, who was beaten to death at his home in North Carolina last August.

"Molly did not drink anything other than water, soda, sweet tea, or Gatorade during the day," insisted Ely Martens, who is married to the murder accused's brother Robert.

"She enjoys a glass of wine on occasion, has never erupted in explosive behaviour or volatile anger or abuse with the children and the devotion and love for the kids was apparent for anyone to see," she said.

In the statement, she said Ms Martens would always be the designated driver when her husband's relatives visited and went for drinks at a local bar. She also said the children, born to Mr Corbett's late first wife Mags, were well looked after by her sister-in-law.

"Molly has always been a devoted mother and her love was widely apparent in her actions. She took them to school, extracurricular activities, was their swim coach and assisted teachers at school," she said.

"She did their homework with them every day, volunteered at their events, took them to museums and theatres.

"She taught them their ABCs, to ride their bikes, to cook, to say 'please' and 'thank you', to read, to write and to love. I can simply not imagine a more loving, devoted mother."

Ely Martens also took issue with Ms Lynch's characterisation of an alleged incident at Ms Martens's wedding.

It was claimed by Ms Lynch that Ms Martens argued with her husband and threw her bridesmaid and parents out of her wedding after becoming upset when a young guest at the banquet got a McDonald's meal because they were allergic to egg whites. Ely Martens accepted that her sister-in-law had been upset about this. However, she said it was incorrect to suggest anyone had been asked to leave the wedding.

In the statement, Ely Martens also said her sister-in-law had "very recently" been the target of an obscene phonecall where a child - not Jack or Sarah Corbett - was put on the phone to speak to her.

Ms Martens and her father both intend to plead not guilty to the charges, claiming they acted in self-defence.

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